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Sony TDG Series Review

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The Sony TDG Series 3D glasses weigh 1.27 ounces and have a solid, thick rim that feels hard to break. When the glasses are on, you'll notice that the thick sides expertly keep out unwanted light, giving the illusion that you are inside of the movie. The lithium coin battery lasts up to 100 hours before you need to replace it, and a convenient LED shows you when the glasses need a new battery. The glasses save battery power by automatically turning off after a period of inactivity.

These 3D glasses use active shutter technology. When you wear the glasses, each of your eyes is covered rapidly in a back-and-forth fashion in sync with the TV. The shutter movement is imperceptible to you, but the result is a three-dimensional image.

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A huge plus with these shutter glasses is their amazing adjustability. On the side earpieces, a slide switch increases the width of the glasses. The temple frames also bend to fit more comfortably, and the side pieces are bendable as well. If you wear prescription glasses, these 3D movie glasses should fit right over the top of them. The Sony TDG Series 3D glasses are meant for adults, but Sony also has additional sizes for children that you can purchase separately.

Included with the Sony TDG Series 3D glasses is a special cloth that cleans the lenses without the risk of scratching them. They also include additional nose pads and a hard case. To protect against a faulty product, these shutter glasses also come with a one-year warranty. The warranty doesn't cover misuse, however, so be sure to use the included items to care for your 3D glasses.

The Sony TDG Series 3D glasses have earned their stripes in three-dimensional entertainment technology. They are built to last and enhance your 3D experience. With over 100 hours of battery life and universal adjustability, you're set to watch movie after movie in 3D.

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