Instead of being compatible with a specific 3D TV brand like most of the 3D shutter glasses on the market, the ViewSonic PGD Series 3D glasses are meant for use with ViewSonic 3D-ready projectors. Because of this difference, the glasses' effective use distance doubles to 50 feet and they are specifically designed to block out external light. Most other features, however, are similar to the standard 3D TV glasses.

The ViewSonic PGD Series 3D glasses take two coin-type batteries to operate. While the batteries allow up to 70 hours of continuous use, this also means that when replacing them, you need to have two batteries on hand. The extra battery also makes these 3D glasses the heaviest on the market, weighing in at 3.5 ounces – about the weight of a stick of butter. While this can make the glasses uncomfortable after a while, the weight was intentional in ViewSonic's design. The glasses are meant to be rugged. The rigid earpieces are sturdy, but they also don't fold up. This makes storing the glasses inconvenient, but it should help them hold up in a room of rambunctious kids.

These glasses don't turn off automatically when you are out of range or after a certain period of inactive time. This means you need to be aware of if they are on or off, or the batteries will run out fairly quickly. When they do get low, the LED indicator blinks four times every minute until the battery is completely dead.

Three interchangeable nosepieces come with the PGD Series 3D movie glasses to ensure a comfortable, well-tailored fit. Each nosepiece fits horizontally in the middle of the glasses, making it easy to adjust. The rugged design doesn't mean the glasses are indestructible, so ViewSonic includes a one-year limited warranty on all parts and labor.

The ViewSonic PGD Series 3D glasses are different from others on the market because they are intended to work with a projector instead of a TV. While the usability distance increases, a few features are lost. There is no automatic shutdown when the glasses go out of range or are no longer sending a signal to the 3D TV. On the flip side, they are specifically designed to handle heavy use and everyday wear and tear.

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