Xpand was the first company to offer universal 3D glasses on the market. Compatible with most 3D TVs, the Xpand X Series 3D glasses provide you flexibility, regardless of which brand of TV you settle on. Whether the TV comes with glasses or not, the Xpand shutter glasses should be compatible.

The Xpand X Series 3D glasses look very similar to a regular pair of sunglasses. They are lightweight at 1.9 ounces and have nose pads that let you adjust the fit. If used continuously, the Xpand shutter glasses' battery lasts for approximately 100 hours. After that time, you have to replace the battery with a coin-type battery. These glasses aren't connected with the television through an infrared transmitter; therefore, unlike other 3D glasses, they don't automatically shut off when out of range or inactive. You'll need to be sure to turn the glasses off when you're not using them to save battery power.

These universal 3D shutter glasses also work in the many Xpand 3D theaters around the world. Once inside the theater, you simply adjust the setting to cinema to enjoy a 3D movie. Of course, this doesn't change the price of the movie, but it offers you a more comfortable experience.

Each time you watch a different 3D TV, you need to change the TV setting for the Xpand X Series 3D glasses, and they save that setting for the next time you use them. This means that when you watch 3D content at home, there is no need to choose your TV's setting each time, but when you take the glasses somewhere else, you have to change the controls to match the new TV. Upon returning home, you have to switch the glasses back to your home settings.

Xpand offers a nice set of additional accessories. The glasses come with a soft case, a cleaning cloth, a nose pad and two extra batteries. A one-year warranty offers protection against faulty parts or a defective product.

The Xpand X Series 3D active movie glasses are not rechargeable, but the two extra batteries are a nice plus. They give you the option to take your own pair of 3D movie glasses to movie theaters. While glasses made by the TV manufacturer tend to work better with their specific 3D TVs, these are a nice universal option, which is particularly useful if you have multiple TVs in your home.

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