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The Best Budget Micro Projectors of 2017

Portable and Convenient Projectors Make Sharing Fun

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The Best Budget Micro Projectors of 2017
Our Ranking Budget Micro Projectors Price
1 AAXA P4-X $249.00
2 AAXA P3 $199.00
3 FAVI RioHD-LED-3 $148.49
4 FAVI RioHD-LED-2 $199.95
5 3M MP225a $399.00
6 Optoma PT110 $140.99
7 Cinemin Swivel $179.99
8 Acer C120 $189.98
9 Optoma PT100 $140.99
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Budget Micro Projectors Review

Why Buy a Budget Micro Projector?

The right projector can offer gorgeous picture quality in crowd-pleasing proportions that compares to what quality televisions produce, but those projectors are expensive and bulky. With the right budget micro projector you can enjoy movies, gaming and more on a large scale without a large-scale budget. Today’s best projector deals are also lightweight so you can take them virtually anywhere with ease.

Budget Micro Projectors: What to Look For

If you are trying to share movies or photos with a crowd and your projected picture is huge but fuzzy, you might as well share them on a tiny laptop screen instead. In our search for the perfect budget micro projector we looked for units that were as economical as possible but still able to offer a good viewing experience. We narrowed our search to units that were priced under $300, measuring less than 8 inches long and weighing less than 3 pounds – the smaller and lighter the better. The projectors in our lineup should make it easy to share images and movies on your cubicle wall, provide an impromptu slide show at a family reunion or invite the neighborhood over for an outdoor movie on your wall or fence. We were especially impressed with the AAXA P4-X, FAVI RioHD-LED-4 and AAXA P3. For even more information, read our articles about budget mini projectors. We considered these characteristics while evaluating projectors:

We do not expect the type of picture from these projectors that you would see with a unit costing thousands of dollars, but we did expect to have crisp, colorful images that you would be proud to share. We prefer the projectors that have the flexibility to maintain that good quality image even at larger, crowd-friendly sizes – measuring up to 200 inches diagonally in some cases.

One of the best things about good budget micro projectors is that you can take them anywhere. With a smaller investment on the line you won’t be so worried about transporting your precious projector. You might not pack up a more expensive, larger model but these will do fine on the road, especially the ones with batteries. They can even come camping with you.

We expect this category of projectors to make life easier in every way. Even at the budget price range we expected to see a wide range of connections so you can hook one of these up to a wide range of devices – from laptops to Blu-ray players to smartphones – and enjoy the show.

Ease of Use
Budget micro projectors can be useful for business, but they're inexpensive enough to be perfect for recreation . That means they should be easy to use for just about anyone. There should be very little time required to get these out of the box and start using them.

Help & Support
We expect the manufacturers of any product to stand by it with excellent warranties and customer service. If you have a question about your projector it should be easy to find the answer.

Since your investment is going to be a couple hundred dollars instead of a couple thousand, your micro budget projector will be the one you can let the kids use for a sleepover, the one that you can take with you anywhere.