Pros / This unit weighs less than a pound and can run on battery power for ultimate portability.

Cons / The fan is a little loud and the speaker is a little quiet.

 Verdict / The AAXA P4-X offers an impressively bright and vivid picture in a lightweight and budget-friendly package.

In our search for the perfect portable projector we wanted to find something petite but still able to deliver a high quality image for a great price. We found all of that and more in the AAXA P4-X, our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner. This unit strikes the perfect balance between value and quality. It will be at home in the office, on vacation or anywhere you want to project moving or still images.

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  • Largest Image
  • Contrast Ratio
  • Brightness
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Lamp Life
  1. Largest image produced by projector
    More is better
  2. 1  AAXA P4-X
    100.0 Inches
  3. 80.0 Inches
  4. 150.0 Inches
  5. Category Average
    106.67 Inches


With only 80 lumens of brightness this projector puts on a pretty good show. The picture is surprisingly bright, especially from a unit this small, and even in a room with some light coming in. We were able to get it to focus nicely using the dial on top and some adjustments to the device’s distance from the targeted wall.

The AAXA P4-X can produce an image that measures up to 100 inches diagonally. At a price point of less than $300 that’s a pretty economical way to get a big screen for family get-togethers and other events. You could invite the whole neighborhood over for movie night with this projector.


This unit really does fit in the palm of your hand and does not even weigh an entire pound. We love that for portability. Just toss it in a purse or briefcase and you can take it anywhere. The included battery also adds to portability. You cannot run it for too long on battery power – about 75 minutes – but that will be long enough for many uses, and we love the option of not having to find an outlet every time.

The lamp life is slightly less than some of the units we considered for this review, but 15,000 hours is still a lot of running time. You won’t have to worry about replacement for a very long time.

The included tripod is a real standout in the category. The legs are flexible rather than fixed, and that makes it useful for getting the unit into just the right spot for viewing, even when you have to deal with an uneven surface.

You will be able to project whatever is on your computer screen with ease, but if sound is part of your presentation you may want to plug in some better speakers. The included one is only 1 watt and sometimes the fan all but overpowers it. That was a very common problem among all our budget micro projectors though.


This projector is excellent in terms of compatibility. It seems there is a connection for just about anything. In fact, with so many ports it seems they had to get creative about fitting them all in. There are ports packed into three of the four sides of this unit. We almost missed the SD card slot altogether.

We love the fact that AAXA includes so many cords right out of the box along with the wide array of ports – USB, composite AV, VGA, SD and HDMI. You basically have what you need to project from just about any device as soon as you open the P4-X box. Though you will need to buy an adapter cord to project from an iPod, you can expect to project high quality images from most other cameras, computers, phones and gaming devices without having to invest in a bunch of extra cords. It is designed to read many different file types from those devices, too – AVI, MPG, MP4, MP3, GIF and more. We had it reading and projecting JPG files too.

Ease of Use

We found the P4-X to be very intuitive and easy to use. The home menu has graphical representations of a picture quality adjustment tool and the different input types – VGA, AV, HDMI, SD card and USB. When you select one of those you are taken to a sub-menu for more options based on whether you want to watch a movie, look at pictures or view other media.

The focus dial worked well and we loved the tripod. This tripod can do whatever you need it to in pursuit of the best possible picture. The fan was pretty loud but all of the projectors we looked at produced more fan noise than we expected. This one produces about 30 decibels, which is about the same as quiet conversation, but it seems loud from such a small device.

All of the projectors we tested also stayed cooler during testing than we expected, and the P4-X was no exception. It stayed remarkably cool even after we left it running for a couple of hours. There will be no need for a cool-down before putting it back in your luggage.

Help & Support

When you become an AAXA customer you can expect excellent customer service that starts with a nice long warranty. Their website is laid out so answers to your questions are easy to find. The manual for every product is just a couple of clicks away on the AAXA website and they also have helpful FAQs. If you still have questions you can expect a quick and courteous response via email. You can even give them a telephone call if you need further assistance.



The AAXA P4-X does not outshine competitors in every single category – it does not offer the longest expected lamp life or the best battery life – but the fact that it runs on batteries at all is impressive and we think the overall value you get with this product is amazing. From something small enough to fit in the palm of your hand you get a vivid, bright picture out of almost any device we could think of, whether phones or computers or cameras. It does all of this for less than $300 and comes from a company that will back it up with good customer service.

We can see the AAXA P4-X helping you make a great presentation at work or making family movie night more fun or helping grandma see the photos of the grandkids that always look way too small on your smartphone’s screen. This is the perfect portable projector at the perfect price point.

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