Pros / For less than $200 you can have a 100-inch screen for games, movies and more.

Cons / The picture is less bright than competitors with only 50 lumens.

 Verdict / Optoma’s PT100 lacks some connections, but the picture quality is quite good considering the low price.

The PT100 is one of three good budget micro projectors from the Optoma PlayTime family of products. This is the 50-lumen version so the picture is going to be less bright than the 100- and 75-lumen units, but we like this projector because it offers a lot of value for less than $200.

All of the units we considered were smaller than regular projectors but this one is not particularly petite. It weighs in at 1.7 pounds; that is larger than some but still very portable. It could still be slipped into luggage for movie night on vacation if you don’t want the family to have to crowd around the low-tech hotel television. It is designed to not get hot when it is on so it does not need a long time to cool down before you move it.

This projector does not offer a particularly wide range of connections but it should allow you to project from computers, DVD players, cameras, video cameras, VCRs and many handheld devices. You have the option of listening to the built-in speaker or plugging in separate speakers.

There are a couple creature comforts missing on this unit – a tripod and remote control – but we don’t think you’ll miss the remote too much. A tripod would really be nice though. Otherwise you have to get creative with how you get the picture where you want it on the wall or wherever you are watching. The right tripod can save you a lot in book stacking efforts.

You can get a good-looking picture as large as 100 inches with this budget micro projector and save a lot of energy in the process. The PT100 consumes only a fraction of the power needed to run a large-screen television.

Optoma is not the best for supporting its customers. The website is informative and they offer lots of options for contact, but the 90-day warranty is comparatively short.

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  • Largest Image
  • Contrast Ratio
  • Brightness
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Lamp Life
  1. Largest image produced by projector
    More is better
  2. 9  Optoma PT100
    100.0 Inches
  3. 100.0 Inches
  4. 80.0 Inches
  5. 150.0 Inches
  6. Category Average
    106.67 Inches


The Optoma PT100 is not the tiniest projector in our lineup. It is not the one with the best picture. It does not offer the most connectivity options either. It is an amazing value, though, at less than 180 bucks. Your movies and games will look pretty darn good on this best-buy projector at a fraction of the cost of full-size projectors.

Optoma PT100 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks


USB Port
Composite AV
SD Card

Help & Support

90 days


Largest Image Size (inches)
Brightness (lumens)
Aspect Ratio
Contrast Ratio
Native Resolution
854 x 480
Max Resolution
854 x 480


Weight (pounds)
Length (inches)
Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Lamp Life (hours)
Projection Type
Audio Output
Handheld Device Compatible
PC Compatible
Mac Compatible
Remote Control
Battery Life (minutes)
Speaker Watts