Pros / The picture from this projector is impressively bright and crisp.

Cons / The larger size makes it a little less portable compared to others in our lineup.

 Verdict / Optoma’s PT110 PlayTime lacks some connections we like, including an SD card reader, but the picture quality is superb.

At about 8 inches long, the PT110 PlayTime from Optoma is a little on the large side compared to other micro projectors we looked at, but it is still small relative to full-size projectors, and it offers a high quality image.

The PT110 PlayTime is built to enhance your play time. This is a great option for watching movies on vacation, or for down time at home when you want to play video games on a larger scale than your television can offer. We are talking about a much larger scale, too. The PT110 can project an image up to 140 inches on your wall. That’s bound to encourage family fun. You can project from a computer, video camera, Blu-ray player, tablet or smartphone.

This unit is impressively bright with 100 lumens and it offers vivid colors. Though the 20,000-hour lamp life is fairly common among competitors, it is still worth noting that it will be a very long time before you have to think about replacement parts for this projector. It is virtually maintenance free. Another environmentally friendly feature is its LED light source, which means it uses less power than a traditional bulb. Optoma uses Texas Instruments’ DLP technology. This eliminates a lot of the issues you find with LCD projectors – filter changes and other maintenance requirements that can get expensive.

Although larger than some in our comparison, this projector still weighs in at less than 2 pounds so it is pretty easy to pack along wherever you are going. It might not be the best to pack along if you want to do a quick and easy slide show at your destination though, because it does not have an SD or mini SD card reader.

Optoma is a little weak in terms of customer support. Their website is great but their 90-day warranty seems short compared to other projectors we considered.

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  • Largest Image
  • Contrast Ratio
  • Brightness
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Lamp Life
  1. Largest image produced by projector
    More is better
  2. 6  Optoma PT110
    140.0 Inches
  3. 100.0 Inches
  4. 80.0 Inches
  5. 150.0 Inches
  6. Category Average
    106.67 Inches


Though it is a little bit bulkier than some and lacks the ability to read SD cards, there is much to like about Optoma’s PT110 PlayTime. This is a great micro projector for gaming. The picture quality is bright and crisp so your movies and games will look great for family game night or any occasion.

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90 days


Largest Image Size (inches)
Brightness (lumens)
Aspect Ratio
Contrast Ratio
Native Resolution
854 x 480
Max Resolution
1024 x 768


Weight (pounds)
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