Pros / This HDMI switcher is compact and easy to stow away.

Cons / It doesn't come with a remote or work with any remote.

 Verdict / The CE HS103 can pass a 1080p video signal and gives you three additional HDMI ports, but the lack of a remote for input selection is a glaring flaw.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The CE Labs HS103 HDMI switch is much smaller than many of the others on our lineup. But the switcher does not sacrifice functionality with its smaller size. There are three HDMI inputs and one output. Everything is clearly labeled, and the product is simple to use. The HDMI switcher recognizes when a source is powered on or off and changes the display of the TV or projector accordingly.

The CE Labs HDMI switcher can detect when the different media sources are turned on and off. The switcher automatically changes the input to match the source that you are using. If you are watching a movie on your Blu-ray player then turn on your Xbox, the HDMI hub automatically change to the activated device. If that does not work, you can also manually switch the input on the device with a small switch. Notably, the HS103 doesn't come with a remote, nor does it work with universal remotes.

Under normal conditions, a remote is not necessary. But many media sources, such as Apple TVs and other products, are constantly running in the background. When you hit the power button, these devices have what is known as the phantom startup. You can sometimes change the settings so that the product completely powers off, but for the times when the products aren't powering down, a remote would be very useful.

The HDMI switcher is compatible with all the major and newest sound formats. No matter what format you use, Dolby Digital or Dolby True Surround Sound, the CE Labs HDMI switch box is compatible with just about everything.

The features on this HDMI hub are simple to use. Each input and output is clearly labeled and easy to read. But the lack of a remote makes the navigation from one source to the next more difficult than it should be.

The HS103 comes with a one-year warranty, which should be plenty of time to notice any manufacturing defects. If you need to make use of the warranty, you can contact CE Labs' support team through email or by phone. There are also FAQs on its website. You won't find any live chat options, though.

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The CE Labs HS103 HDMI switcher is compact and clearly labeled, and it works with 1080p content. The customer service options are decent, as is the warranty. However, there is no remote with this HDMI switcher, which makes using it more difficult than many of its competitors are.

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