• Whatever Happened to the Under-cabinet TV?



    During our research for our kitchen TV reviews, we found a dying breed of entertainment: the under-cabinet TV. Like the corded car phone of the early 1980s, under-cabinet televisions never quite caught on and were usually only purchased by the wealthy. Additionally, since people can now easily stream video on their laptop or cell phone, mounted televisions in the kitchen have the disadvantage of being stationary.

    However, if you are still in the market for a permanent television presence in your kitchen and you don't have much counter space, we've found are a few high-quality under-cabinet LCD TV options that you may enjoy. Each one of these products will bring entertainment to your kitchen.

    Philips AJL750 7" Kitchen Clock Radio

    In addition to being a clock radio, the Philips AJL750 has a flip-down 7-inch LCD screen. It also features a built-in ATSC tuner so you can get digital cable channels. In addition, since it has a 16:9 aspect ratio, the widescreen HD channels will fit the screen perfectly.

    The multi-functional remote control included with this under-cabinet television will allow you to adjust the image settings, as well as set up the 20 station presents. Plus, it has two 2-inch speakers that use a Dynamic Bass Boost feature. Finally, since it is built for the kitchen, it is resistant to humidity and is easy to clean. This Philips kitchen TV is perfect for those who want a little diversion while cooking.

    Venturer KLV39082 8" Under-cabinet LCD TV/DVD Player

    If you want a little wider view, then the Venturer KLV39082 is the way to go. This model is also available in 12-inch (KLV39120) and 15.4-inch (KLV3915) options. These are built for a richer media experience. They include a built-in DVD player, so you don't just have to stick to the signals brought in by the digital/analog tuner.

    This system plays TV, radio, DVDs, CDs, CD-R/RWs and it can display JPEG images. This gives the cook a wide variety of media options to help pass the time. Plus, the remote control has a magnetic back so you can keep it on your fridge. This is a well-made multimedia product that is great for those who need a little more than just a TV in their kitchen.

    Audiovox VE927 9" LCD Drop-down TV/DVD Player

    Also available in a 7-inch option, the Audiovox VE927 has a bright LCD display that uses a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. It also has a maximum display resolution of 1024 x 768 and a vertical resolution of 720p. All that, plus a contrast ratio of 1000:1, means that you'll have a crisp and clear image as you watch your favorite shows on this under-cabinet TV.

    This unit also includes a DVD player which can play DVDs, CDs, CD-R/RWs and MP3s. An AM/FM radio is also built-in to the VE927, and it comes with a remote control. The stereo speakers will keep you entertained as you let the sauce simmer and will be able to play over the sound of the blender. This Audiovox TV is ideal for those who have a discerning eye when it comes to high-definition images -- even when they're cutting onions.

    Coby KTFDVD1093 10.2" Under-the-Cabinet LCD TV/DVD Player

    When it comes to portable electronics, Coby knows what they are doing. This under-cabinet television is also available in a 7" option. The widescreen TFT LCD monitor has a resolution of 800 x 480, so it will display crystal clear images brought in by the ATSC digital tuner. In addition to playing DVDs, the built-in DVD player can also play DVD-R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, JPEG and MP3 formats.

    You can adjust the swivel screen to an angle that is best for where you are in the kitchen. The integrated stereo speakers have an output of three watts, so you'll be able to crank up the volume if you're using a mixer or other noisy appliance while cooking. A remote control is also included so you can adjust the audio and video settings from across the room. Whether you want to watch a movie or just listen to music, the Coby KTFDVD1093 is a great addition to any kitchen.



    There are refrigerators with televisions built into the door, but these only work if your kitchen is set up so you're facing the fridge as you cook. An under-cabinet TV can be placed wherever you need it to be. Plus, they save you precious counter space and can be easily stored away by flipping up the screen. So the next time you're bored while slaving over a hot stove, remember that there are more entertaining kitchen options than waiting for water to boil -- like an under-cabinet TV.

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