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Toshiba 40E220U Review

PROS / You can adjust advanced color settings, such as color temperature.

CONS / This LCD TV consumes a lot of electricity and has minimal connection options of an LCD TV.

 VERDICT / The Toshiba 40E220U's picture quality and technical specs are all pretty average.

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Toshiba 40E220U

The Toshiba 40E220U is an economical LCD TV with a 40-inch screen and average picture quality. In fact, it is rather average on all fronts; refresh rate, response rate and contrast ratio all hover at or below the industry norm. It does have a few strong points in the form of comprehensive parental controls, plenty of advanced picture adjustment options and good technical support from the manufacturer. It also has some notable drawbacks, such as a lack of internet connectivity and only a few connection options for an LCD TV.

This television is available in 65 inches, 40 inches or 32 inches. For the purposes of the review, we will refer to the middle screen of the three. This LCD TV looks just like you would expect an LCD TV to look – a black square. There is an accent running across the bottom of the television, but it's pretty low-key. It is 3.9 inches thick, which is a little bit more than the thinnest LCD TVs, but still highly manageable. At 30.9 pounds, it is slightly lighter than other LCD TVs, but it is recommended to have two people mount it on the wall. You should also be aware of the high energy consumption; expect to pay about $53 in electricity in one year of use.

We really liked the parental controls built into this LCD TV. You get control over entire channels, or you can filter content based on ratings. Parents with a particularly cruel streak can program the TV to entirely skip over Cartoon Network, whereas parents that are slightly more compassionate can filter out content based on the TV rating. If your DVD player has no built-in content manager, you can also filter out movies based on their ratings. These functions work for United States and Canadian rating systems.

This LCD TV sports a 60-hertz refresh rate, which is pretty standard these days. The higher the refresh rate is, the smoother action and motion will appear on-screen. On the other hand, the response time, (which measures the time it takes for a pixel in the LCD display to turn on and off completely) is a little bit more than 6 milliseconds, which is somewhat slower than average. The contrast ratio presents the biggest obstacle to overall picture quality, at 50,000 to 1. That's half the strength of the typical LCD TV, which means that images will look a little washed-out.

Also be aware that this LCD TV only has two HDMI connections. If you have a home theater system with a variety of peripherals, you may need more. Additionally, there is no Wi-Fi or Ethernet internet connection.

Fortunately, the impact of the mediocre specifications on image quality is mitigated somewhat by the advanced color adjustment features. You can change the contrast, brightness, and color temperature to tweak the image to your satisfaction. If the image isn't perfect out of the box, just make a few adjustments until you like it. This ability goes a long way for the discerning videophiles.


The Toshiba 40E220U really is pretty average, but average can be a good thing. Most consumers will be delighted with the look and picture quality, though they may not like the higher energy consumption rate. Just make sure that you can make do with the somewhat limited connection options before you make a final decision about this TV.

Toshiba 40E220U