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Pros / The Qumi Q5’s steady brightness and image quality make it usable in bright and dark viewing environments.

Cons / Vivitek doesn’t include a microSD card slot on the projector.

 Verdict / With its small dimensions and consistent visual fidelity, the Qumi Q5 is a strong option for home or business users.

In a usually staid product category like mini portable projectors, Vivitek deserves some credit for making the Q5 stand out. You can purchase the projector in a variety of primary colors with bold and polished finishes. In our testing, we found the Q5’s performance to be similarly sharp and worth noticing.

The Q5 has modest dimensions of 6.3 x 4 x 1.3 inches, and it weighs 1.08 pounds. Physically, it’s not noticeably heavy or bulky, and it can easily be stored in a drawer or carried in bag when you’re on the go. The included remote, which is around the size of a pack of gum, gives the mini projector added versatility. It features a full suite of options like input switching and volume control. The lack of an internal battery is a slight inconvenience because the projector can’t be used without being plugged in. Still, the included power adapter is relatively lengthy and can easily reach an outlet in a typical office environment.

During our benchmarking, the Q5 demonstrated steady performance in several areas. In our color accuracy testing, the projector had a score of 21.4, which falls in line with comparable pico projectors. For reference, this score reflects how accurately the projector renders a large spectrum of color, and the closer it is to zero, the better.

In testing with video and other high-definition content, the Q5’s display quality didn’t necessarily pop, but it was sharp and bright enough to use in dim environments, as well as those with ambient light. As with most mini projectors, the Q5’s speakers aren’t anything exceptional, but they are surprisingly usable at high volumes without breaking up or becoming excessively tinny. They aren’t comparable to a dedicated speaker setup but can be a good option for multimedia presentations or movie watching with small groups.

The Q5’s connectivity options are one of its few downsides. While the projector includes standard options for home and business users like USB storage support and VGA output, it notably lacks a microSD card slot. Considering how common the format is for displaying videos and photos, it’s an inconvenience for home users who want to display their content on a large screen.

Vivitek has a standard suite of customer support options, including online resources and phone agents for troubleshooting. The company also offers a split warranty coverage period of three years on the projector and one year or 1,000 hours of use on its bulb.

  • Weight
  • Throw Ratio
  • Manufacturer Brightness
  1. Weight of the projector
    Less is better
  2. 7  Vivitek Qumi Q5
    1.08 pounds
  3. 0.8 pounds
  4. 1.9 pounds
  5. 0.8 pounds
  6. Category Average
    0.96 pounds


Even with its colorful branding, the Vivitek Qumi Q5 manages to be one of the rare projectors equally suited for work and play. With its value price tag and consistent image quality, the Q5 is a versatile projector option for home and business users.

Vivitek Qumi Q5 Visit Site