Movies create a number of both realistic-looking and off-the-wall items to help the main characters achieve their means. Often these gadgets and the classic movies that produce them inspire the design items we can put to practical use. From themed USB drives to movie-inspired shower curtains, movie buffs will find something relating to all of their favorite films. When browsing gadget gifts for a film-loving friend, or simply splurging on your own themed shopping spree, consider these movie gadget gifts as possible choices. Add them to your collection and impress your buddies, then check out our other online gadget gifts stores for the best items to fit all your gadget needs.

Top Movie-Themed Gifts

  1. Magic Wand Remote Control: Embrace your inner Harry Potter or Hermione Granger with this magic wand from Firebox. It memorizes up to 13 different movements, each of which you set for a specific device in your house. One move might turn on and off your television while the other controls your radio. The possibilities are endless. Firebox notes the device includes no buttons, so all control over your digital devices really is in the flick of the wrist.
  2. Indiana Jones Room Booby Trap Set: Need to keep intruders out of your room? Ditch a boring alarm and rig up a booby-trap Indiana Jones style with the help of Perpetual Kid. Two separate traps are included. One sprays plastic spiders at your unsuspecting, would-be intruder while the other shoots out soft darts to scare away trespassers. No matter which mode of protection you choose, your enemies will never know what hit them. If you're feeling particularly protective, rig up both devices at once.
  3. Horror Movie Shower Curtain & Bath Mat: For horror movie lovers and those who enjoy scaring their guests, the horror movie shower curtain and bath mat set from ThinkGeek is the perfect addition to any bathroom. Complete with bloody hand and foot prints, the set also works just fine as a slightly creepy shower curtain and rug. It's a wonderful addition to a haunted house, and works wonders as a conversation starter when showing off the apartment to your new roommate.
  4. Sex Panther Cologne   Sex Panther cologne may be illegal in nine countries in the movie "Anchorman," but it's perfectly legal at Firebox. Get a bottle for each of your friends and stock up your own personal fire-proof box so you'll always have your preferred cologne, even in the event of a world-ending disaster.
  5. Humunga Stache: ThinkGeek continues its movie-themed treasure trove of gadget gifts with the Humunga Stache. Designed for dogs, this oversize mustache will instantly turn your dog into the ideal movie villain. He can stalk menacingly around the neighborhood while still looking like a gentleman with his smoothly combed facial hair. The mustache itself is part of a chew toy. Any time your dog wants to play, he'll appear to wear an instant mustache and leave the neighbors scratching their heads in confusion.
  6. Doctor Who TARDIS 4 Port USB Hub: Last in the lineup, ThinkGeek offers from its collection of themed USB accessories the Doctor Who TARDIS USB hub. A must-have for any Doctor Who fan, it features 4 well-hidden USB ports for all your computer needs. Practice good cable management with this tasteful USB hub and show off your devotion to all things Doctor Who.

If these items aren t enough to keep you satisfied, check out our other gadget gift sites for more ideas, or use a gift finder to search out the perfect gift, based on occasion and personality. Try ordering multiple items and use these tips to save on costs so you ll get more for less. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don't Have To. 

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