Intended as the time of year to show your significant other how much you care about them, traditional stores carrying Valentine's Day gifts can be a little one sided and focus only on lavish presents for women while forgetting to provide hard-working ladies the perfect present to give the guys in their lives. Skip the aisles of overpriced treats he'll throw in the back of the closet and forget about, and focus instead on a gadget gift he'll be excited to open and put to good use all year long. Once you've found a gift he can't live without, start shopping the best online gadget gift stores for the lowest prices on your favorite gift ideas.

Raid His Electronics
Electronic gadgets come with a plethora of accessories from wireless chargers to sturdy leather carrying cases. Take stock of your man's current electronic possessions   from his cell phone to his MP3 player   and then hit the internet to find an accessory to make his life a little easier. For something a little quirky and fun, try Think Geek or Perpetual Kid to get a wireless charger or even an iPad keyboard so that he can type and use his touchscreen iPad all at once. For the iPhone lover, you'll find endless options ranging from themed carrying cases to an attachable iPhone keyboard.

Consider His Favorite Shows
Whether he owns every Star Trek episode on DVD or can quote lines from "The Big Bang Theory" by heart, check out Firebox and Think Geek for movie and TV-themed gifts for your sweetie. Apparel and gadgets abound, ranging from USB plugs modeled after items from popular TV shows to shirts with catchy one-liners from his favorite actors. Best of all, the merchandise includes items from both old and new shows, so you can find the right gift regardless of how odd you find your guy's personal taste in TV shows and movies.

Venture into the Unknown
For the guy who has it all or is hard to please, consider surprising him with a gift that is unusual and a little off the wall. Perhaps a wand that doubles as a TV remote control from Firebox or a collection of fake moustaches from Think Geek will make him smile. If you want to go the more romantic route this Valentine's Day, visit sites like Red Envelope or Hammacher Schlemmer for personalized gifts he'll cherish for years to come.

Regardless of your budget, the best gadget gift stores carry items of all kinds so you can choose whether silly or sentimental is the way to go this year. These stores are not just for Valentine's Day presents, so check out how to put these sites to work and choose the best Halloween and Christmas gifts as well. Instead of searching in vain for a gift, you'll spend your days trying to narrow down your extensive list of options to try and pick the perfect gift.

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