Card Hub is the Google of gift card exchange websites. More specifically, Card Hub is an easy to use search engine for gift cards. It provides comprehensive search results by aggregating other gift card marketplaces to connect you with the gift card exchanger you need. Whether you are looking to buy or sell gift cards, Card Hub features the simplest and most intuitive card exchanging methods.


Card Hub is one of the easiest websites to use for purchasing gift cards. It aggregates three different gift card communities to provide the widest variety of exchange options on the web. So when you search for a specific type of card, Card Hub will search other gift card websites for more comprehensive results. It will also find people who are selling your desired card via Facebook. And if for some reason you can t find a discounted card, Card Hub will connect you to a merchant where you can buy the gift card at full price.

Finding the gift cards that you want through Card Hub is easy thanks to its intuitive interface. If you know exactly what gift card you're looking for, you can use the site's general search option to find it. If you are just browsing, you can narrow your selection down using a multitude of search filters. The site also has a convenient slider to set what amount you want on your card. The minimum is $10 and you can search for cards up to $300. Once you set the amount, the website automatically updates with the new preferences.

You can narrow your search for a gift card even further by changing who you want the seller to be. You have the option to buy from your Facebook friends, trusted companies and even your neighbors. The My Neighbors option allows you to enter your zip code and find discounted gift cards for sale in your neighborhood.


Card Hub separates itself from most other gift card exchange sites by accepting any merchant card that you want to sell. It doesn t matter if you have a gift card from a local watering hole; if you don t want it, Card Hub will let you list it.

If your gift card is from a top-selling merchant, you will receive an offer from Card Hub s selling partner, will offer a payout of up to 92 percent of your card's remaining balance, which is well above the industry average.

If you are not satisfied with's offer, or if you do not receive an offer at all, you can list the card yourself on Card Hub s Facebook marketplace. This excellent feature gives you more control over the exchange of your gift card by connecting you to another marketplace, and by allowing you to sell your card for any amount that you'd like.

The Wish List

Card Hub's Wish List feature is an effective way to ensure that you don t end up getting or giving a gift card that you or your loved one will never use. You can create a Card Hub Wish List by registering through Facebook. After you create your Wish List, Card Hub personalizes your account by uploading your profile picture and sending reminders to others for special occasions such as your birthday. It also sends email notifications when an out of stock gift card that you are interested in is restocked. And you can easily access other Wish Lists by entering in the recipient's email address.


Card Hub is by far the most extensive and intuitive gift card aggregate on the web. Its utilization of third party gift card exchange sites and its integration with Facebook make it the easiest place to go for purchasing the gift cards you want. And its selling features, such as its Facebook marketplace and My Neighbors options, give you optimal control over the sale of cards that you don't want. Whatever your gift card needs may be, Card Hub will make your exchange simple.

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