Gift cards have quickly become the most popular gift for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. You can t go wrong with them. You can purchase anything you want with one, as long as it s for a store you enjoy shopping at. If not, you can always sell or trade your gift card using a gift card exchange site.

Through the years, gift cards have evolved and risen in popularity. From plastic to digital, they are constantly changing and improving to keep up with technology. Now with the emergence of mobile gift cards, it has never been easier to purchase gift cards or to use them. No matter what the occasion, they make a thoughtful gift even better. Here are three reasons to consider a mobile gift card.

Mobile gift cards are far more convenient to buy than any other type of gift card. You simply purchase a gift code from a store or gift card exchange site. The retailer sends you the gift code that you can only access on your phone. You take it into the store, and the clerk will scan the code just as they would a plastic gift card and apply it to the balance of your purchase.

While buying a mobile gift card is convenient, giving them as a gift is even easier. If you want to send a mobile gift card to a friend or loved one, you purchase the gift code and can send it directly to his or her mobile device. Recipients can immediately walk into the store and use the mobile gift card making it a much more convenient option than any other type of gift card. You no longer have to plan ahead or wait for shipping. You can send the code on your friend s birthday and your friend can use it immediately. You always have your phone on you, so it will be with you or your friends on those impromptu shopping trips.

Easy to Use
Mobile gift cards are easy to use. Unlike electronic gift cards that are only accepted to online stores, mobile gift cards can be used online or in person. You don t have to worry about carrying them around or where you should keep them in hopes of remembering them. Gift cards will no longer be forgotten or partially redeemed since they are always on you. They don t take up any physical space, and you will always have them with you.

Mobile gift cards can be purchased and sent instantly. You can send them via email, Facebook or a text message, depending on the site you purchase them from. Additionally, most sites allow you to personalize the code for the person you are giving it to or the special occasion. Mobile gift cards are not limited by graphics or space either, like they are on a plastic gift card. Since they are completely virtual, you can send long messages or bright and colorful graphics. Mobile gift cards have no restrictions.

Lower Costs
Most retailers are not physically equipped to accept mobile gift cards; however, more than 15 percent of major retailers do and the number is continually growing. While enabling systems to accept mobile gift cards initially costs money, they don t require money to produce like plastic gift cards do. In the end, mobile gift cards are less expensive for retailers to issue.

Unlike plastic gift cards that can be stolen, lost, or simply forgotten, mobile gift cards are secured in your phone. You can download applications that protect your gift codes from being lost or stolen. If your phone is taken, a code is needed to get into the application that stores your gift codes. With no threats of losing your mobile gift codes and no expiration dates, they remain secure in your phone until you use them.

The transference to mobile gift cards comes as a result of convenience, ease of use and lower costs for both retailers and consumers. Gift cards will no longer be forgotten in sock drawers or hidden away in wallets. You won t even want to exchange gift cards or need to sell your gift card to an exchange site. With mobile gift cards, you will always have them on you and using this type of gift card is far easier than a plastic or electronic gift card.

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