The holidays are the best time of the year for foodies. With family and friends coming together, your foodies will be overwhelmed with events that give them a chance to showcase their talents in the kitchen. Shopping for someone who loves preparing or consuming food can be a challenge. How do you find a gift that’s on the cutting edge of the culinary arts and, more importantly, isn’t something they already own? We’ve put together a list of ten gifts that satisfy, including innovative appliances and items that make their lives easier.


Kitchen Scale
Ozeri Touch II $19
A true foodie knows how important exact measurements are to a perfect recipe. The Ozeri Touch II can weigh food as little as a tenth of an ounce up to 18 pounds, meaning your foodie’s small meals and elaborate dinner parties are all covered. This scale also has a sleek modern design that will fit in well in a foodie’s kitchen.


Panini Press
West Bend $37
This isn’t the appliance for a white bread and bologna person. When your foodies make sandwiches, they make them good. The West Bend Panini Press cooks even lines and has a floating hinge for wide, delectable paninis. This press also has a unique 180-degree fold, turning this portable machine into an indoor grill, making it a great gift for foodies on the run.


Hot Plate
Sunpentown $94
If your foodies want to cook a finely tuned dessert but doesn’t want to increase their electric bill, the Sunpentown hot plate is the right gift for them. This hot plate has 13 different heat settings that range from 100 to 390 degrees, giving your foodie a delicate touch. This one is a conversation starter when your foodie is having a fondue party and would prefer to avoid an open flame.


Meat & Cheese Slicer
Chef’s Choice $106
This is the gift for a foodie who wants total control. Your foodie wants to buy full blocks of artisanal cheeses and organically raised meats but understands the importance of presentation. The Chef’s Choice meat and cheese slicer creates appealing slices, both thick and thin. The slicer’s serrated edges also makes it ideal for tough meats, like beef brisket that your foodie spent all day cooking.


Juice Fountain Plus $121
Your foodies will accept nothing less than freshly squeezed juice, both for their health and their palate. The Juice Fountain Plus is a quiet machine that extracts a lot of juice from even the stingiest produce. The juicer has sturdy stainless steel construction that looks good in a foodie’s kitchen and creates a variety of beverages from kale smoothies to fresh orange juice for brunch mimosas.


Food Processor
Omega Food Pro Premier $159
Every foodie understands the importance of a high-quality food processor. The Omega Food Pro Premier has a wide variety of assortments that handle all the tasks your foodies need. It will help them blend, chop, slice, knead, shred, mix and grate, meaning it can handle both veggies and prepping for baked goods. Your foodie will love the long chute that reduces the need for precutting.


Dash Chef $229
The right blender will give your foodie a versatile mix of options. The Dash Chef Blender isn’t made just for smoothies. The six preset functions make it ideal for soups, dips and desserts of all kinds. Your foodies will love how consistently it purees nuts for homemade nut butters and will appreciate how easy it is to clean up after. They want to spend time eating, not cleaning.


Stand Mixer
Kitchen Aid Artisan $280
A stand mixer is a must for foodies who love to bake and want to make their own meals from start to finish. The Kitchen Aid Artisan has more than a dozen attachments to choose from, giving your foodie precise controls over soft ice creams and tougher meats. Best of all, Kitchen Aid makes its stand mixers in 34 different colors, making sure it stands out on your foodie’s counter.


Wine Cooler
EdgeStar $399
Foodies understand that no good meal is complete without the right bottle of wine. The EdgeStar chills wine to its ideal temperature so that the glass is an ideal complement to your foodie’s meal. This wine cooler has dual cooling zones, giving your foodie the ability to build up a modest collection of both red and white wines. In fact, your foodie will be able to store up to 34 bottles at a time.





Espresso Maker
Krups Falcon EA84 $850
Active foodies need their java, but going out to coffee shops every day gets expensive. The Krups Falcon EA84 provides coffee shop espressos and cappuccinos at home. This espresso maker brews a balanced shot of espresso with each press of the button, and it does it quickly. The appliance also has a unique milk frother instead of a steam wand, giving your foodie a creamy, velvety cappuccino to start the morning right.


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