In browsing through the different types of flower arrangements in our lineup of the top online flower delivery sites, we came across something interesting dish gardens.

What is a Dish Garden?

Simply put, it is a miniature garden of plants growing inside a dish. The dish can be made of virtually anything but by definition a dish garden has no drainage holes. It is designed to be able to be placed on furniture and to thrive even when kept indoors. Garden dishes can be made of terra cotta, plastic, porcelain or even a basket with a plastic liner. The only essential feature of the dish is that it must be solid on the bottom.

What Can Go Inside a Dish Garden?

Dish gardens can include any number of plant types, including greenery, shrubs, cacti and flowering plants. They are also suitable for small versions of larger plants, and because of the limited root space the plants will not outgrow the dish. Typically, dish gardens include several different types of plants. The soil in a dish garden must be absorbent so it will retain enough water to keep the plants hydrated without flooding the roots. Peat or other types of moss are commonly used for this purpose.

By definition, dish gardens are supposed to be inexpensive and densely packed with plants. One plant in a dish is not considered a dish garden, and neither is a bonsai tree even though many bonsais are grown in dishes.

Dish gardens can be spiced up with knick knacks as well, giving them character or creating a little scene. They can last anywhere from one season to several years, depending on what plants are included. One benefit of packing different types of plants together is that even when some of them perish, the others will fill in the available space and live on.

Choosing The Right Dish Garden

Our top-rated online flower delivery site 1-800-Flowers has a wide selection of dish gardens already assembled and ready for delivery. Dish gardens make great gifts and are a longer-lasting alternative to cut flowers. Cactus dish gardens like the one pictured here require very little maintenance (do not overwater your cacti!) and do not need to be repotted for several years.

Dish gardens require as little maintenance as the simplest potted plants. They are designed to live with indoor temperatures and lighting, so they can be enjoyed any time of year.

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