Using Fresh Flowers to Enhance your Holiday D cor

With the holidays just around the corner, many of us will be opening our homes to friends and family members that we hardly ever get to see. Even when the weather outside is frightful, you can transform your home into a holiday wonderland with fresh flower arrangements. Many online flower delivery websites offer special holiday-themed arrangements that highlight the colors of the season and help to get your family into the holiday spirit.

Fall and winter flower arrangements are designed to create a feeling of warmth during the cold weather. With the windows shut tightly to keep out the cold, the aroma of fresh flowers can also make your home less stuffy. From gifts to centerpieces to mantle decorations, ordering fresh flower arrangements is the perfect way to complete your holiday d cor and make your home more inviting for your guests.

Thanksgiving Flower Delivery

For thanksgiving, online florists offer a special line of gifts and arrangements that make use of the warm oranges, yellows and maroons of the harvest season. Thanksgiving arrangements may also include miniature gourds, festive baskets and other finishing touches that help to capture the spirit of the season. Fresh flower arrangements also make great gifts, helping you to let faraway friends and family know you re thinking of them even if you can t see them in person.

Christmas Flowers and Gifts

With Christmas drawing near, online florists will start carrying a special collection of winter flower arrangements and gifts. The colors of the season translate beautifully to floral gifts, making use of vibrant reds, elegantly-textured greenery and sparkly white and gold accents. Christmas flower arrangements and gift baskets also make great corporate gifts.

Aside from flowers, most online florists offer a range of other deliverable gifts, including delicious desserts, snacks and beauty products. The new service 1-800-Baskets, offered by 1-800-Flowers, includes a wide selection of creative and artistic gift baskets and boxes.

Making Holiday Flowers Last Longer

During the cold months, it takes extra special care to keep your holiday flowers looking fresh as long as possible. Here are a few tips to help you prolong the life of your cut flowers.

  1. As with any fresh flower arrangement, rinse the vase and change the water at least once daily. Make sure to trim away leaves that fall below the water line, as these will cause decomposition.
  2. Keep flower arrangements away from direct light and air currents such as heating vents. Warm air blowing on your flowers will decrease their life span.
  3. Remove dead flowers from the arrangement daily. Decomposing stems will spread to other items in the vase, causing the entire arrangement to decay more quickly. Because the typical arrangement contains several varieties of flowers and greenery, each variety will decay at a slightly different rate. Short-lived varieties should be weeded out as they begin to wilt, to prolong the life of the remaining flowers.
  4. Use  fresh flower food,  available at local florists or grocery stores. This is a chemical that not only helps flowers to stay vibrant longer, but helps to kill bacteria in the water that encourages decomposition.

Looking for floral gifts and decorations for the holidays? See our side-by-side comparison of online flower delivery sites.

Happy Holidays!

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