The holidays are where your do-it-yourselfers shine. Right now, they re probably in the garage or sewing room working on a homemade present that you re going to love. Maybe you re not as crafty as they are or maybe you simply don t have the time to make something from scratch, but that doesn t mean you can t find them a thoughtful gift they ll love, too. We ve compiled a list of the perfect gifts for the do-it-yourselfer in your life. Our guide ranges includes a variety of gifts, including high-quality tools and timesaving software that helps bring their homemade visions to life. The only thing you ll need to be concerned about is making sure they open the rest of their presents before they start a new project.


Sewing Machine
Singer 9960 $345
Buying clothes made by the manufacturer is boring. The Singer 9960 is both versatile and easy to use, great for do-it-yourselfers who are either just starting out in sewing or already versed in intricate projects. This sewing machine has 600 different types of stitch patterns, meaning your do-it-yourselfer can switch from fixing old clothes to creating elaborate garments.


Landscaping Software
Realtime Landscaping Plus $79
A great gift for those do-it-yourselfers with elaborate dreams of a new yard but no idea where to start. Realtime Landscaping Plus requires no training or expertise. Using a simple picture of their yard, this landscaping software creates a 3D image with 4,800 plants to choose from. Maybe they ll get so caught up in the software that they forget to ask for your help with the shoveling.


Laser Line Level
Dewalt $150
To make improvements like the experts, do-it-yourselfers need pinpoint precision. The Dewalt laser line level gives them sharp, bright lines that provide a high level of accuracy. The laser line can project up to 50 feet, which makes it a good choice for roof shingles, fences and floorboards. At the very least, you re finally going to have those family pictures hung perfectly.


Shop Vac
Ridgid WD1450 $111
Doing it all yourself can be a messy job. Your do-it-yourselfer wants to spend time getting things done, not cleaning up afterwards. The Ridgid WD1450 s powerful suction takes care of clutter quickly. It has a 14-gallon wet-dry vacuum for sucking up sawdust and swallows 2 gallons of water in 3.8 seconds.


Cordless Drill
Makita $116
Once do-it-yourselfers start working, they don t want to stop to charge a battery. The Makita cordless drill has an 18-volt lithium ion battery that lasts days with heavy use and charges in only 30 minutes. It has adjustable speeds, meaning your do-it-yourselfer can use it to fasten screws in furniture or drill holes in walls with ease.


Home Design Software
Home Designer Interiors $70
The do-it-yourselfers in your life would never hire someone to tell them where to move things around. They ve got the vision; they just need a guide. Home Designer Interiors creates digital mock-ups of their home and allows them to travel around their plan before taking action. This home design software has an object library of 4,800 items, which might even be enough for all their homemade furniture.


Scrapbooking Software
Memory Mixer 4 $40
Do-it-yourselfers with families know how precious memories are, and they know no one else can capture those memories better than them. Memory Mixer 4 is an inexpensive tool that creates unique, well-crafted pages. This scrapbooking software has a variety of backgrounds and a photo editor that doesn t require multiple programs. Best of all, the software makes sharing easy. If you do it yourself, you want to show off your handiwork.


Air Spray Gun
Neiko $35
Every handmade item needs a good coat of paint, whether that means wood, metal or furniture. This air spray gun works great with the air compressor sitting in the shop. The Neiko air spray gun comes with a 1.7-millimeter nozzle, giving your do-it-yourselfer precise control over lines. It s even powerful enough for auto body paintjobs, though you ll probably want to use a bigger nozzle.


Digital Photo Printing
You may wonder why we re including digital photo printing in a DIY gift guide. It sounds like someone else is doing it. Well, Shutterfly is different. This website allows do-it-yourselfers to completely customize their photobooks from the cover to the final page. They ll also appreciate the online community blog full of ideas written by other creative people.


Table Saw
Ridgid R4513 Table Saw $499
Your do-it-yourselfer makes things everywhere, and that means a solid, portable saw. The Ridgid R4513 Table Saw has a maneuverable base that collapses into a compact box. Don t be fooled, though. It may be easy to move, but it still has a solid, heavy base, meaning less vibration and safer cuts. The DIY enthusiast will get precise cuts without you worrying about lost pinkies.

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