Millions of moms across the U.S. will be receiving fragrant bouquets of flowers on Mother's Day. So this year, instead of waiting until the last minute and buying a generic greeting card from the picked-over racks at Walgreen s, why not join forces with your siblings in picking out a bouquet that will really surprise your mom and warm her heart.

Mother s Day is the biggest day of the year for florists, and many online flower delivery sites are offering special discounts and featured items that are sure to wow your mom so much that she barely remembers the pain of giving birth to you.

Many online florists offer same-day delivery for select items, but on Mother s Day florists are busier than ever and the same-day delivery option may not be available. We suggest ordering your gift early so you can secure on-time delivery and make sure your mom knows you re thinking about her on the big day.

Unique Mother s Day Flower Arrangements
Every online florist has a section for Mother s Day arrangements. Browsing through, you ll notice the focus on pastel colors (especially lavender and pink). Don t limit yourself to those selections. In the late spring, hundreds of flower varieties are available from local flower farms, and you can choose almost any type of flower you want. Picking an arrangement with an unusual type of flower or a striking color palette will show your mom that you really thought about it and didn t just order the first thing you saw. Here are some suggestions for unusual arrangements that would make great gifts for Mother s Day:

The OExotic Island Orchidrchid
Many flower lovers agree that orchids are some of the most extraordinary flowers you can buy. Available in hundreds of varieties, orchid plants bloom longer than most flowering plants. The blooms are dotted along the sides of the stem, creating a sculptured, wandering trail of opalescent petals that shimmer in bright light. Not only do orchids have beautiful wide petals, but their centers are adorned with one unusually bright and colorful petal called a  lip,  which gives them their distinctive orchid shape. Our top-rated online florist, 1-800-Flowers, sells both cut orchids and orchid plants in several varieties.

Wine Grape BonsaiThe Bonsai
You don t have to be Mr. Miyagi to take care of a bonsai tree. Many online florists now sell a variety of bonsai trees, some of which grow seasonal flowers. The Wine Grape Bonsai, for example, has all the miniature charm of a traditional Cyprus or Juniper bonsai, but it s even more special because it grows real grapes! This tree comes with full foliage and may or may not have existing fruit. Over time, your mom can harvest her own tiny bunches of wine grapes. This floral gift is way more interesting than carnations with a big pink bow.

The GardeniPearls of Wisdom Gardenia Planta
Gardenias are celebrated for their elegant ivory blooms and their distinctive fragrance. When ordering flowers, think about scents and colors. The first thing most people do when they get flowers is smell them, and this plant won't disappoint.

The Cactus
If your mom doesn't have a green thumb, then forget the foliage and bring on the cactus. A miniature cactus garden doesn't need careful attention or a watering schedule.

Want to Make Your Arrangement More Special?
Online florists carry more than just flowers and vases. Along with your Mother s Day bouquet, you can choose to include a selection of tasty treats or a complementary accessory like a scented candle.

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