Ever since their creation, coffee mugs have stood the test of time as the stable gift for parents and relatives everywhere. The classic "World's Greatest Dad" or "I Love My Mom" mugs make for useful birthday presents, but after the first basic mug or two you start to run out of ideas.

Welcome the new age of coffee mugs. These mugs aren't just for drinking coffee. These gadget gift mugs can communicate your mood, indicate your drink's temperature using game graphics, and even carry around your office supplies. Next time you need the perfect gadget for a parent, geeky friend, or your boss at work, consider one of these mugs. If these don't do it for you, head over to our other gadget gift store reviews to check out the rest of the selection.

Top Five Gadget Gift Mugs

  1. ThinkGeek's "Heat Changing Arcade Mug"- This mug, dubbed as the "Pac Boy" cup, displays a blank, desolate gamescreen on the outside. It may not seem like much at first, but pour in a steaming hot drink and watch it spring to life. The heat from your drink causes the familiar cast of colorful ghosts to appear amidst a trail of fruit and dots. When the drink cools down, they vanish like the ghosts they are. The mug is also available in a Space Intruders design which creates a full-scale 8-bit spaceship invasion when it reaches just the right temperature.
  2. ThinkGeek's "Mug Boss"- ThinkGeek also steals second place in the great mug wars with the Mug Boss, an essential accessory for coffee cups everywhere. Order one and your favorite mug will soon tote its own tiny toolbelt for carrying pens, highlighters, paperclips and whatever else you can throw at it. Use it at home or around the office, just avoid knocking paperclips into your drink.
  3. Uncommon Goods' "Mood Barometer Mugs"- Feeling a little under the weather? Cheer yourself up with a cup of sunshine, or pick a gloomy mug to show your mood to the world. This set of four mugs comes with individual cups for moods ranging from "Warm Behavior" to "Severe Attitude." As your own weatherman, you'll ensure the forecast is always right.
  4. Perpetual Kid's "Stacked Cup"- Turn heads and tickle your tastebudes with three cups in one. Grasp one of three handles and, as you sip your coffee, it will appear as though you're drinking from a wobbly tower of teacups. In reality it's a single cup, but the illusion will certainly start conversations around the office.
  5. Firebox s "2 Carat Mug"  This mug is always committed to you no matter what drink you put it in. The handle forms a mock wedding ring complete with a sparkling crystal and a band in your color choice of gold or silver. Ladies can use it to trick unwanted suitors seeking their hands while men can pull it out when they re ready to pop the big question.

With all the quirky and functional mugs on the market, it's hard to pick just one. Buy one for all your friends and family, and be sure to check out our guide to saving money when buying your new gadget gifts. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don't Have To.   

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