Imagine how you'd feel if heard the doorbell on an ordinary day and there was someone with a flower delivery just for you. Or imagine what your reaction would be if you learned the flowers delivered to the front desk at your office were waiting for you – and it was not your birthday or anniversary.

Sending flowers "just because" is a great way to show you care. Many online flower delivery services offer a "thinking of you" section on their websites. With the click of a mouse or tap on a phone, anyone can send flowers online and bring a smile to the face of a loved one or business associate.

If you are sending flowers online to someone you know, you probably won't encounter any difficulties. However, if you choose to send anything to a professional acquaintance, it's best to think carefully and exercise some sensitivity so you don't present the wrong impression. You certainly don't want to imply a romantic connection if none exists. You also don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, which could harm your professional relationship and defeat the reason you are sending flowers in the first place.

Check the offerings under the "just because" or "thinking of you" tabs on a reputable company's website and include these sentiments in the card you send so there is no misunderstanding. Red roses are traditionally associated with romance while white flowers in some cultures are meant for the bereaved. In addition, be extra careful in how you word the card. Frequently, a plant or gift basket is a safe choice.

Some of the top-rated online flower delivery services offer plants in miniature planters that would look good on any desk at work. Most also have succulents, bonsai trees, bamboo plants and potted palm trees that are interesting but do not convey an inappropriate subconscious message. You can also send a bouquet of flowers bearing the colors of his or her favorite sports team with a note explaining the significance of the colors and expressing your hope that his or her team wins.

For your own loved ones, the sky and your budget are the limits for your non-special occasion floral gift. The best online flowers delivery services provide generous selections of beautiful blossoms, and often you can customize or upgrade an arrangement. In addition, you might enjoy sending a basket of wine, cheese and crackers; a spa basket; fresh fruit; candies; balloons or even a stuffed animal, depending on the nature of your relationship.

If you are in the mood to do something great for a person you like, sending flowers "just because" is a random act of kindness that could make someone's otherwise dreadful day worthwhile. So there is no reason to wait until a funeral, a wedding, the arrival of a new baby or someone's promotion to send flowers. If you decide to check out online flower sites, you could really improve someone's day.

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