Student housing   give up your privacy, give up your space and all the luxuries of your parents home that you took for granted. Dorm rooms are not much larger than a standard bedroom, and yet you most likely will be sharing that space with a roommate. However, despite the confined quarters you can make it comfortable, and there are many small devices you can utilize to maximize your study time and entertainment. We did our research and scoured the student blogs and dorm room retail websites to find a good list of practical, functional and aesthetic items to help make your dorm room absolutely swanky.

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Wireless Headphones
Pioneer SE-DIR800C

Moving from your parents' home to a small dorm room can be a big adjustment, especially when you'll share the space with someone you've never met. The Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless headphones can be a lifesaver for when you need to tune out your roommate to focus on your studies or just enjoy some music during your down time. And you won't have to worry about the cord getting in the way if you need to walk across the room to grab a snack. These wireless headphones will work well with your gaming system, TV and portable music player.

Wall Art
Flower Power Peel & Stick Wall Art

Staring at blank dorm walls will likely not provide much inspiration when you are attempting to compose a 10-page essay on the effects of mass transportation on migrating wildlife. Most student housing rules restrict students from putting screws, nails or even push pins into walls. Peel and stick wall art does not require glue or push pins and can be arranged freestyle to your preferences. The flower power pack we chose comes with 116 pieces that you can reposition in any pattern you desire. Don't settle for the visual blandness of blank walls when you can personalize your space with colorful, moveable designs.

LED Color-Changing Speaker System withSubwoofer
iHome iH15

This item may teeter on the edge between practical and novelty. However, everyone enjoys mood lighting and it can alter the appearance of your tiny room in a variety of ways. This iPod/iPhone docking station has a built-in subwoofer, and the entire unit has the ability to glow a range of colors including pink, orange, blue and green. You can choose from four different color settings. It also charges your iPod, and you can connect other devices through an auxiliary input. So, put on some groovy tunes, fill your room with mellow colors and chill out or rock out, your preference.

Refrigerator with freezer
Haier HNSB02 1.7 Cu-Ft

Vending machines and campus cafeteria food is not always convenient, cheap or healthy. With a mini fridge you can always have cold drinks and fresh snacks available. This Haier also includes a mini freezer so you can have ice or a few frozen food items on hand . This model has a slide-out shelf in case you need to cool large items and it is small enough to put on a desk or table if you need to. It weighs just short of 40 pounds so you can move it by yourself if needed.

Twin XL Dorm Bedding
Ultimate Dorm Bedding Trunk Package

Freshmen, there is something you need to know about dorm room beds   they are size twin XL. Most twins you have experienced up to this point are not. Twin XLs are extra long to accommodate all body types. This bedding package will give you everything you need for your dorm bed; it has a mattress pad, egg crate topper, sheets, comforter, bed risers, pillow and more all stored in a handy collegiate trunk. You may not have had to worry about a mattress pad or bed topper in the past, but dorm beds are far from brand-new and are famously uncomfortable. Bed risers lift your bed up to provide much-needed storage space.

Beer Cooler and Draft System
Krups B100 Beertender

Imagine pub-style, premium beer in your room. Whether studying for a physics exam or playing W.O.W., a perfect draft of 37.4 degree Heineken or Newcastle Brown Ale always hits the spot. The Krups Beertender can keep a 5L keg at the right temperature for up to 30 days and has a Peltier silent cooling system. The only downside to having this high-tech Beertender is that you may have to hide it from your friends to keep all the cold, sudsy goodness to yourself.

Throw Rug
Gaiam Turkish Reversible Floor Mat

We read through quite a few college blogs about student housing to find some great, affordable items to make your dorm room swanky, comfortable and organized. One item to our surprise was continually mentioned and that was a throw rug. We found the perfect rug   it is reversible. So if you or your sloppy friends spill a Coke and drop an order of chili cheese fries on your rug, no worries, turn it over . Additionally, this Gaiam rug is made of recycled plastic soda bottles and can be cleaned by just hosing it off.

Black & Decker Brew 'n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug

Running to the student union for coffee or shelling out four bucks per cup at Starbucks can get old really quick and rapidly drain your bank account. Additionally, rolling out of bed at 6:30 a.m. to a fresh brewed cup of coffee, without having to get dressed and brave the cold weather, is the ultimate way to start your day. This personal coffeemaker by Black & Decker can brew the perfect 15 ounces of coffee into a portable, stainless steel mug. Here's an additional benefit: You can leave out the coffee and make hot water for soup, oatmeal and other meals that just need hot water.

Security Chest
Master Lock 7142D Fire-Retardant Steel Security Chest

Theft is not something we like to think about, but it happens somewhere every day. Perhaps you have a great roommate, but do you trust their friends or their friends' friends? This small, fire-retardant box can store valuables like your MP3 player and iPad or hard-to-replace items like a copy of your birth certificate, social security card or senior project. Ideally, theft should not be a concern. But it is, so no point in providing unnecessary temptation. With this Master Lock security chest, you can lock your valuables and treasured items away and leave your dorm room without worrying about sticky fingers.

Portable Speakers
X-Mini Max Portable Speakers II

Despite your desire for music so loud you can feel it, large speakers in dorm rooms really are only going to rile up your dorm neighbors. They likely do not want their walls thumping from your subwoofer while they are trying to master the delicate nuances of the Chinese language. These 2-pound portable speakers can play music from your laptop through a 3.5mm jack and can be compacted for travel. These speakers are intended to connect to your laptop or PC and can be charged by USB. So plug them in and turn it up   just not too much.

Mobile Printer
HP Officejet H470wbt

Despite the advent of email in the 1990s, many professors still require you to print out your work. You likely do not want to cart your big, dusty printer to college. So you have to make a trip to the library or student study center and wait in line to print. A small, portable printer may be a good solution for you. This compact, mobile printer is perfect for procrastinators. This HP mobile printer can print color and even run off your car cigarette lighter adapter. This printer only weighs 7 pounds and will not take up much space in your dorm room.


Micro Projector
M2 Micro Projector

Maybe you have gotten used to your parents' big screen TV, but once you hit campus, those days are over. In fact, a large TV might not even fit in your dorm room or you have to go to the student union or pub to watch anything on a big screen. The solution: a micro projector. The M2 Micro Projector only weighs one pound so you can easily cart it around campus to share movies or games with your friends. You can connect to this projector by HDMI, composite A/V or VGA. It has a built-in media player, a speaker, remote control and headphone jack.


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