Graduating high school sparks the beginning of an exciting era in young adulthood, many teens will look forward to their college adventures away from home for the first time. Your freshman will surely discover a completely new way of living. Many college freshmen will for the first time experience living on their own, financial responsibility and overall independence, coupled with an intensive academic workload.

There is a lot to consider as your teen prepares to move out on their own and anxious parents will appreciate our buying guide to get them up and running as quickly as possible. With this top tech gear, your teen will thrive in no time.

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1: Tablet
The new iPad

With the abundance of apps available for just about everything these days, a tablet can come in especially handy for students as they enter college. A lightweight, compact touchscreen computer, a tablet can accompany a student to class, the library and just about everywhere on campus for both study and entertainment purposes. With apps for note-taking, a tablet can replace the bulk of the old-fashioned notepad and pencil while giving you a sleek device for college. The new iPad is the best tablet on the market and is perfect for students who love having the newest tech device.

2: Laptop
HP Envy 17

A laptop at college will be a lifesaver that eliminates the need to make countless trips to the computer lab to complete assignments and access online class materials. A laptop will also come in handy with the many hours of research required for those long papers college professors love to assign. And with a top-of-the-line webcam and microphone, the HP Envy 17 will help your student stay in touch with you anytime; even from across the country, you'll still be able to see their smiling face.

3: Compact Refrigerator
GE Spacemaker GMR06AAPBB Compact Refrigerator

As a freshman in college, your student will find themselves under new and even stressful situations and long study sessions may leave them without sustenance for hours on end. Luckily, with the GE Spacemaker Compact Refrigerator, worried moms everywhere can ensure the peanut butter and jelly and pint of mint chocolate chip will be at arm s length to sustain their hungry children any time they need a boost. With 6 cubic feet of space, the GE Spacemaker is functional and affordable so your studious co-ed can stay in and study as long as they need, but still have something for quick energy.

4: Spy Camera
Muvi Atom

Many valuables may accompany your new high school graduate to college, and you never know how trustworthy their roommates will be. A spy camera can help put your mind at ease in case something goes missing. The Muvi Atom is small and lightweight so it can easily be hidden to capture footage while your college kid is away from their dorm. And with 2GB of storage, this spy camera will be able to capture up to 90 minutes of footage leaving your college kid with a feeling of security.

5: Computer Monitoring Software

Students will rely on their computers throughout their college education. It is important to know who is using your college freshman s computer and what is being downloading on it. The last thing any student wants is to have their computer infiltrated by a virus and lose that final research paper the night before it is due. Or worse, have personal information stolen and have life-altering issues to deal with. Computer monitoring software, like SpytechSpyAgent, is a practical way to save your student untold worry and hassle. The software is able to scan for any problems on the computer and will also monitor internet access and make sure that site visits will not expose the computer to viruses. Just because your student tells their roommates not to use the computer, doesn t mean they will listen. SpytechSpyAgent computer monitoring software is a smart and easy way to keep your student s information and computer safe.

6: Writing Enhancement Software

As your freshman moves into their junior and senior years, teachers will expect papers to be longer and better written. With such value placed on writing in college, writing enhancement software, like WhiteSmoke, will give your student one more tool for success. It will also help improve grammar and other writing skills that they will rely on throughout their life. The software also offers great editing tools that can follow the specific style guides, including MLA or APA. Every parent wants to give their child every advantage that will improve their student s skills and grades and WhiteSmoke will help you do both.

7: Gaming Gift Card

In this day and age, it is almost guaranteed that your student has a gaming system or at least one that is available to them. Every college student needs a break from schoolwork and video games are a fun way to relieve stress while increasing hand-eye coordination, and provide a great way to socialize without going out and spending money. With the many options available for the number of gaming systems, it can be hard to get exactly what your student wants to enhance their gaming experience. Make it easy for yourself and get them a gaming gift card. OffGamers offers a fast and simple way to give gaming credits that you can trade in on their website for games and other features for gaming systems. A gaming gift card will give your student an easy way to get those new and exciting games and give them a much needed break.

8: Discount Ink

Whether it is a paper, project, visual aids or articles students use a lot of ink and ink is expensive, especially when used regularly. Fortunately, there are a number of options available to get discounted ink. Having an account with a site like 4inkjets will make it easy to save money on ink. Discounted ink with 4inkjets will allow your student to use a personal printer without any worry about the cost and with the added convenience of having it delivered right to their dorm.

9: Textbook Site

Textbooks are a boring,  grown-up  expense that college students have to learn to accept as part of their education. The costs for textbooks add up quickly and finding good deals can be difficult. Many college bookstores offer used copies of textbooks for less, but they go fast. Take the stress and some of the expense out of buying textbooks by going online where you will discover a fast and easy way to get textbooks at great prices. Renting is also a great alternative and your freshman may want to consider renting textbooks from Chegg. It s a fantastic way to save money and space in a congested dorm room, eliminating the stack of obsolete textbooks-turned-coasters, table levels and bug-squashers. Instead, that pile of useless books will be returned to Chegg and cashed in for future textbook-buying fun.

10: Deal of the Day Site
Steep and Cheap

Help your  starving student  manage their newfound financial freedom and responsibilities with an easy and effective Deal of the Day Site. Having an account with Steep and Cheap will help your student manage money and it's a great way to find deal on the things that every student needs. Steep and Cheap offers brand-name goods for great prices, allowing even poor college students to afford the products available. Deal of the day sites can also offer great deals on activities, allowing your freshman to be social without spending too much money.


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