The holidays are upon us, which means you need a Christmas gift for everyone   including the extreme sports enthusiast in your life. Whether they re into snowboarding, motocross or skating, we have you covered with our extreme buying guide.

Ogio Gambit
Let s start with the obvious: When you re heading out on an adventure, you don t want to be laden with a bunch of gear. If you have to have the gear, you ll want to be able to carry it without much effort. The Ogio Gambit features the largest amount of storage space available in a traditional backpack. The lightweight design makes transporting your gear much more convenient, and this backpack has pockets for everything from your headphones to your tablet. The Ogio Gambit is the ideal companion for your next outdoor expedition.

GoPro 3+
What s the point of going on an epic adventure if you don t get to share it with anyone? Facebook and YouTube are just waiting to broadcast your adventures to the world, so get yourself a GoPro to make sharing quick and easy. The GoPro has set the standard for FPV-style cameras. With a huge selection of resolutions and frame rates along with a massive field of view, the GoPro 3+ is easily the best action camera available.

DJI Phantom/Phantom 2 Vision
Why not take your GoPro use a step further and get it up in the air? The DJI Phantom will take your GoPro to new heights. Shooting epic aerial snapshots is easier than you think with the DJI Phantom. With built-in GPS, several different flight modes and a whole world of third party accessories, the DJI Phantom will set your shots apart from the rest. If you re not into GoPro cameras or you want an all-in-one solution with built-in first-person viewing, consider the Phantom 2 Vision. The Phantom 2 features all of the benefits of the original Phantom and more.



EcoxBT Speaker
Just because you re enjoying the great outdoors doesn t mean that it has to be silent. The EcoxBT Bluetooth speaker is a great accessory for your outdoor adventures. The Exogear is waterproof, has a great range and is built to handle the abuse of outdoor use.

You may have never heard of it before, but you should know about it. The Soloshot is a great addition to your gear bag. The Soloshot includes a tripod, a transmitter and a top-mounted motor. Simply mount your camera to the Soloshot, pair it with the transmitter and you re good to go. The Soloshot will record all of your action and nobody has to stand on the sidelines.

Rhino Swivel Mount
The Rhino swivel mount is an excellent accessory for the GoPro. This mount is compatible with almost all GoPro models and allows you to take exemplary shots. The Swivel Mount adds motion to your shots and can capture your subject in a full 360-degree rotation. Still not convinced? Check out their website and prepare to be blown away.

The Pro-Pole is a 20-inch modular filming pole. With the Pro-Pole, you re not limited to using your GoPro camera only in the places where you can find a mount. Instead, the Pro-Pole is designed to be held, so you can move it around as you epically carve down the mountain or as you re shredding a bowl on a longboard. With a minimal price tag, the Pro-Pole is an awesome stocking stuffer.

Skullcandy Home Brew Kit
Stocking stuffers can sometimes be the best gifts you give or get, and the Skullcandy Home Brew Kit is no exception. The Home Brew Kit includes two thin and powerful speakers that you can sew into a hooded sweatshirt, beanie or helmet. Crank your tunes while you re getting some air!

It doesn t really matter who you are, this thing is just fun. ZBoard creates longboards equipped with an electric motors and rechargeable batteries. These electric skateboards are capable of speeds between 15 and 18 MPH, and they can go between 6 and 20 miles on a battery charge, depending on the model. But you have to slow down eventually, that s why unlike most longboards the Zboard also come equipped with a brake. So whether you re buying for an extreme sports enthusiast or not, Zboards are awesome for everyone.

Microsoft Surface
Let s face it, you can t always be doing something epic and extreme. Sometimes you need to kick back, take in some YouTube and maybe read a book. A Surface tablet is a great additional to your gearbag. Of course, all of the basics are covered, like web browsing and Netflix. But you can also bring your Xbox Controller along and play Xbox Live Windows titles on the go, and with the built-in USB port, you can view all of those shots you captured with your GoPro and share them with all of your friends.

For the hardcore adventure enthusiast, there can never be enough toys. These selections may just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding the best Christmas gifts.

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