Receiving flowers is generally one of life’s most pleasurable moments. You have a tangible reminder that someone is thinking of you and has invested some cash in letting you know that. Here are some tips to help preserve the life span of fresh flower arrangements.

Life Expectancy
Most flowers will look beautiful for 7–10 days with proper care. Some particularly delicate flowers, such as anemones, will only last for 3–5 days. Hardy carnations or chrysanthemums, on the other hand, will still be around for up to two weeks!

Prep Work
If you’ve received a loosely-bundled bouquet of cut flowers that aren’t in a vase, it may be a bit disconcerting to open the shipping box and see what appears to be smashed, dead flowers. Not to worry—fill a vase with lukewarm water and add some flower food. Remove any damaged petals and leaves and any foliage that falls below the water line in the vase, then trim off about three-quarters to an inch of the stem and arrange the flowers in the vase. After approximately 6–12 hours, depending on the type of flower, your arrangement will be revitalized.

Mind the Heat
Cut flowers, whether they arrived arranged in a vase or shipped in a grower’s box, don’t stand the heat very well. While you can’t control how they’re delivered, you can certainly take steps to pamper them once they arrive. Display your bouquet out of direct sunlight and protect from vents that will blow warm (or cold) air on them.

Moisture in the air will help floral arrangements stay fresh looking longer. Keeping the vase filled with water is one way to humidify your flowers. Setting the vase in a tray of water is another way and also works well for moisture-loving plants too.

Clean Environment
Completely change the water in the arrangement’s vase every 2–3 days, however this is only one part of creating a clean floral environment. Before refilling the vase with water, thoroughly wash and rinse the container to be sure you don’t contaminate the fresh water you’ll be adding to it for the flowers.

Fresh Water and Food
Most cut flowers are very thirsty. Check the vase at least once or twice a day and top off with fresh water. To prolong the flowers’ vase life and fight a killing bacteria, add some commercial plant food to the water every time you change to keep the blooms bright and beautiful.

Even Flowers Need a Trim
Gently remove spent blooms regularly so that the water and nutrients will be absorbed and used more efficiently.

Cut the anthers (those tips covered in orange pollen) out of lilies to make them last longer and prevent them from staining clothes and furniture.

Cut stems to revive flowers whenever you change the arrangement’s water.

Natural Gases Stink
Decaying leaves and petals in the vase of an arrangement contributes to flowers that don’t last. The decomposing plant material releases ethylene gas and is a rich habitat for bacteria which will ruin a lovely bouquet in just a few days.

One of the best parts of receiving fresh flowers is the excitement of greeting the delivery man at the door or getting a call from your office’s receptionist telling you that flowers have been delivered for you. One of the worst parts of receiving a floral arrangement is watching the blossoms droop, petals fall and the whole thing die in the first day or two after receiving it. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to get the longest life span and most enjoyment out of every bouquet. Send some flowers to someone special today. Check out our reviews of online flower delivery sites to help you choose the best company to convey your best wishes.

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