The range of categories available for sorting through various gadget gifts may leave you overwhelmed and unsure what exactly you re looking for. Certain categories such as shop by personality and shop by recipient sound the same, but represent two different sorting methods. Knowing the difference will save you time with your future searches for the best gadget gifts.

Shop by personality and shop by recipient both deal with the person receiving the gift, but each takes a different approach to finding the perfect present. When you choose shop by personality you then see a list of different personality types such as geeky or chef. Clicking one of these gives you related gifts, such as cooking accessories for the chef and computer accessories for the geeky personality. On the other hand, clicking shop by recipient gives a more generic list with options like mom, dad and kids. If you try searching by recipient and don t find a good match, try shopping by personality for each person.

Next, you have shop by gift type and shop by product category. The two are similar and may overlap in certain areas. What is typically meant by shop by gift type is a specific type of gift that is popular on that website. Shopping for USB flash drives is one example. Star Wars merchandise is another good example. Shopping by product category divides all the gifts on the site into more generic categories, including electronics, home d cor and office supplies.

Another popular category is shop by occasion, which sorts gifts by holidays and other special events. You will inevitably see overlap between this category and other categories. Many times a product can fit into several different categories and you may see it more than once.

When you re searching for gadget gifts start with a broad category and work down to more specific choices. Take for example shopping for your mother. You could start by searching through shop by recipient and choose  Mom.  If this doesn t work, try shopping by personality and pick the one that best fits your mother. Then you can take it even further by shopping by occasion depending on why you are buying her the gift. Soon you ll have several ideas and can narrow down your selection to the one you like best.

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