When you have devoured all the goodies in your holiday gift baskets, you may wonder what to do with the container it all came in. Throwing or giving it away is always an option, but the basket can become the best part of the gift with a little creativity. Here are a few creative uses for your empty gift baskets.

A grouping of ornate or colorful baskets can look lovely arranged as wall art, on a shelf or hanging from a rack. Mismatched baskets   in size, color or style   work great for a display, but baskets that are similar in design or size can also make a nice grouping.


Spare baskets can store and organize anything from towels to paper clips. If you see a pile of just about anything around the house, you could gather it into the gift basket that you most recently emptied out.

Dogs and other pets are hard on all of their stuff. Certain gourmet gift baskets could become a nice new spot for Spot to rest at the end of the day if you add a pillow or blanket. A basket tied to a closet clothing rack makes a nice spot for hats, gloves and other small items.

Form & Function
There are lots of potential uses for baskets in planting, indoors or out. Baskets make lovely planters and require very little alteration for most plant types. An attractive bird feeder is also one possible use. You could stow all the tools you use to garden in an old basket, too.

Form, Function & Flair
You could spray paint old wine gift baskets that don't fit in with your d cor to match it, or to stand out. The basket you receive does not have to be the one you use. You can pad it or paint it or weave a few ribbons into it.

One adorable idea online is to use a little fabric to transform a basket into a baby bed for your child's favorite doll. There would be a little sewing involved but not too much. This could also be a nice place for your favorite pet to rest if you get a gift basket of the right size.

If you have several uniform baskets, they can become drawers in a dresser or shelf, or even a new class of furniture that fits a specific design need in your home. With baskets on every step of a ladder, the ladder becomes a shelving unit, for example.


Having a few empty gift baskets in a closet somewhere is not exactly a crisis, but you may as well make use of the whole gift. The best gift baskets can have many lives, as decoration, storage or both. You do not have to be creative yourself. A couple of minutes online and you will have lots of ideas for baskets of any size, shape or color.

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