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August Smart Lock brings your boring deadbolt into the age of the smart home. In doing so, this Bluetooth smart lock adds convenience to your home, as you no longer have to fumble for keys when your hands are full. This is a unique Christmas gift for a tech-obsessed friend or family member who controls their life with an Android smartphone, iPhone or Apple Watch.

This smart lock is a convenience machine. In its simplest form, the device is nothing more than a Bluetooth receiver connected to a small motor. Once installed, August's motor locks can unlock deadbolts with little effort. During the lock or unlock process, August plays notification sounds and flashes LEDs so you can tell if it's working.

The August Smart Lock comes with many timesaving features. August app has Auto-Unlock, EverLock and guest access options. Auto-Unlock uses your phone's location to connect via Bluetooth as soon as you're in range. For example, the August app recognizes as you arrive home from work, establishes a connection and unlocks as you walk up to the door.

EverLock is a security feature that automatically locks the door after a delay that can be as long as five minutes. This is especially helpful if you forget to lock the door as you leave or if you want one less worry as you wind down after a busy day. That said, August Smart Lock is not much of a security device; it's only as good as the deadbolt it's attached to. Other smart locks, especially those by lock manufacturers such as Yale, Schlage and Kwikset, have better security features.

Guest access is one of August Smart Lock's most powerful features. Within the app, you can send an SMS invite to anyone you want to have a key, which prompts them to download the August app and create an account. The coolest part of guest access is that you can grant unique privileges to each person. For example, you can give your family permanent access, recurring access to friends on Friday nights or a one-time guest key to the cat sitter while you're on vacation.

Each August Smart Lock comes with three mounting plates, so you can install it on nearly any existing deadbolt. The installation process takes around 10 minutes and only requires a screwdriver and a smartphone. Installation replaces the deadbolt's thumb turn with the proper mounting plate and lock adapter so you can secure the August Smart Lock on the door. Additional installation tools, such as painter's tape, batteries and rubber feet for the mounting plate come in the box.

August Smart Lock works with Nest, Logitech Harmony and Xfinity smart home platforms. If you want to control the lock with Siri on your iPhone, make sure to get the HomeKit-enabled version of this smart lock. To add other features to this smart lock, you can purchase one of August's accessories such as a video doorbell, a keypad and a Wi-Fi adapter.

A physical key still unlocks the deadbolt manually if you forget your phone. Alternatively, if you don't have a key or if your phone dies, you can download the August app on a friend or neighbor's phone so you don't need to call a locksmith. If someone steals your phone, August provides a website to help revoke your phone's access to stop unauthorized entry. If the lock's batteries are about to die, the smart lock notifies you to put new ones in.

For technical support, you can contact August via email and telephone to get help with your smart lock. If you prefer to find a solution on your own, you can browse through FAQs and installation videos on the August support website. August Smart Lock has a one-year warranty, which is a standard warranty term among smart locks.

The best Christmas gifts make life easier and have an element of style. August Smart Lock's convenience and simple design help it easily meet these requirements. Most importantly, it might put a smile on a lucky techie's face.