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If you are a culinary enthusiast and you value the beauty and flavor that fresh herbs add to a meal, you will enjoy the Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden. It does not require a green thumb to use and offers a fail-safe way to grow plants from seeds using modern technology. This makes it one of the best Christmas gifts of the year.

The Smart Herb Garden uses a special blend of minerals, oxygen and nutrients that give plants everything they need to thrive. With a design inspired by NASA the Smart Herb Garden is a futuristic square pot that provides a nurturing environment for your growing seedlings. It comes with its own grow light to ensure plants stay warm and get plenty of light. Each plant start comes in a small white pot with seeds called a cartridge.

You simply place the cartridges inside the large pot and add water. Each Smart garden comes with three cartridges for basil, thyme and lemon balm. You can purchase additional cartridges for chili peppers, peppermint, rosemary, sage, sugar leaf and lavender. The possibilities for creating your own tantalizing combinations are endless.

Everything you need to get started is included in the box. The Smart Herb Garden uses a nutrient rich soil that provides small pockets of oxygen for boosting the growth of your plant starts.

Click and Grow provides you with non-GMO plant seeds. There are no pesticides or insecticides in the products. The mineral-enhanced soil keeps your plants well fed. Unfortunately, the mineral salts in the garden do not meet organic standards.

The setup is easy. You just fill the water tank and place your pot in an area where light can reach it. You will need to fill the water tanks once every three to six weeks. An indicator light located on the pot itself lights up when it needs more water. Just plug it in to a power outlet it and you are ready to grow.

Many factors contribute to the growth of your plants. Most of the herbs in this kit take three to nine months to grow. Keep in mind, room temperature, humidity, and the quality of light will contribute to your growth rates.

The Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves to cook. It is easy to set up and use. Not only is it practical for those who appreciate on-hand fresh herbs, it provides a nurturing environment ensuring that your seedlings grow to maturity. Unlike some gifts that fall along the wayside, this indoor gardening kit will provide enjoyment long after the Holidays have gone.