The Clocky alarm clock by No. 8 Brands and Nanda Home is a great Christmas gift if you have kids or a spouse who has trouble getting out of bed in the morning. This cool alarm clock is designed to fall off your nightstand when it goes off in the morning and move across your floor. This device lacks certain features like dual alarms and a radio, but its unique alarm makes it ideal for heavy sleepers.

This alarm clock runs on four AAA batteries that are not included with the unit. The battery slot is on the bottom of the Clocky and secured by a small screw. That way, you don't have to worry about the batteries popping out or dislodging when it jumps off the nightstand.

The alarm clock comes in several color schemes, like aqua and chrome. The variety of color options make it accessible to different décor. Some of this unit's other basic features include a blue backlight on the display that flashes when it moves. You can choose to view the time in either 12- or 24-hour format. The off button for the alarm is on the front of the clock, which means when the Clocky rolls off the table, it might accidentally hit something on the ground that turns off the alarm.

The snooze bar takes up a lot of space on the top of the unit. Even though it's flush with the case, it's not too difficult to find. You can either disable the snooze time or set it for up to 10 minutes.

After you've hit the snooze button once, the next time it rings Clocky rolls off your nightstand. It then randomly travels around your floor while it sounds its alarm. Eventually, it will stop moving and keep sounding the alarm until you get out of bed and go turn it off. The unit is built to handle a fall of about 3 feet to the floor. You can disable the Clocky's wheels in case you want it to function like a more traditional alarm clock.

Besides the movement, the alarm sound is also unique. Instead of a standard single tone, the Clocky's alarm is a series of loud beeps at random tones. You can't control the volume on the alarm, but it's loud enough to wake most sleepers. The randomized tones mean that you won't grow used to the alarm and sleep through it.

Nanda Home, the company that makes the Clocky, offers a three-month warranty. You can find Nanda Home's telephone and email information on the main website, as well as a download link for the manual in case you misplace the manual it comes with.

The Clocky is a great Christmas gift for kids and adults who love the snooze button. It will only let you hit snooze once at most before running off your nightstand. The audio alarm is also loud, with randomized, varied tones that makes it less likely that a person will sleep through it.

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