Most portable projectors designed for home users make compromises, and you often have to choose between sound quality, battery life or image quality. For instance, higher-end projectors with excellent image quality often don’t have internal batteries, which makes them less portable since they need to be close to a power outlet at all times. Externally and internally, the Dashbon Flicks takes a different approach to this dilemma which makes it a fantastic holiday gift.

With dimensions of 11.8 x 5.3 x 6.5 inches and a weight of 7.5 to 7.9 pounds, depending on the exact model you choose, the Flicks is essentially a boom box crossed with a projector, and its design reflects this multipurpose philosophy. Its polished plastic body has a clean and minimal appearance, and it benefits from steady build quality. On the front side of the projector, you’ll find ports like an auxiliary input jack, headphone connection and HDMI input.

The top of the projects houses control functions that toggle through image quality and audio output settings. These functions can also be controlled with the included remote, which is slightly smaller than a pack of gum. During the checkout process, you can purchase models of the Flicks built with 140- or 280-watt-hour batteries.

As a combo device, the Flicks can be used as a home speaker or projector, and you can connect audio devices to it via the auxiliary jack or Bluetooth. In our hands-on testing, we were impressed by the Flicks’ audio performance. The speaker can reach volumes loud enough for large groups without losing audio clarity, and the bass parts and lower frequencies in songs sound clean. The Dashbon’s audio fidelity is a slight step behind the best dedicated audio players – bass and higher frequency definition can sometimes lack depth – but it’s still excellent and is a strong anchor for the Flicks’ projector.

Internally, the Dashbon is powered by a 700-lumen LED bulb that provides stellar image fidelity. During our testing, the projector easily handled a variety of content in bright and darkened viewing environments at its native 1280 x 800 resolution without degrading image quality. Advanced users can also change basic calibrations for settings such as brightness and contrast through the projector’s menu. With the projector’s low 1.2 throw ratio, or how far away the projector needs to be from a surface to produce a viewing image, and automated keystone adjustment, the Dashbon also took little time to set up during our testing.

For mobile users who need an all-in-one projection solution, the Dashbon Flicks has a lot to offer. With its steady audio quality and excellent image fidelity, the Flicks has the horsepower needed to be an excellent projection tool for home and enthusiast users.

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