Sometimes your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen needs a little spice to liven things up. With Hue smart bulbs from Philips, you can turn your living room into a disco floor, make your bathroom resemble a beach and turn your bedroom into the perfect reading spot. These LED light bulbs can recreate almost any visible color you can think of, and you have complete control over when and how the smart bulbs display those colors. You can completely alter the ambient light within your home using this innovative lighting system.

How is all this possible? Hue light bulbs connect wirelessly to a hub that comes in the starter pack. That hub communicates with your smartphone (or computer) through apps available for both iOS and Android devices. These apps allow you to set timers and determine exactly what colors individual light bulbs will display. If you aren't great at matching colors or you're looking for inspiration, you can import a picture to the app and select colors from the picture. So you can recreate the color of a beautiful sunset you captured with your digital camera.

One of the most appealing features is setting your Hue smart bulbs to wake you up in the morning. Instead of using an alarm clock, with this Christmas gift idea, you can have the LED light bulb gradually fade in with whatever color you choose. Many people find a soft white light with some blue tint to be easier to wake up to than traditional incandescent bulbs' warm orange. As the day progresses, you can set the Hue light bulb to transition into the warmer orange that most people enjoy during midday and into the evening.

You can also sync the Hue smart bulbs with your music or your TV. If you're watching a movie and want reactive ambient light, then the Hue light bulb is an excellent option for you. The possibilities for integrating these LED light bulbs into your lifestyle are limitless. The app software development kit is open, which means there are third-party apps that can interface with your Hue smart bulbs. Since the Philips web app is inferior to many third-party apps for the Hue, we recommend seeking out the best app for your mobile device.

Direct control over every light bulb and every color in your home has never been easier than with Hue smart bulbs. Whether you're looking for a mellow ambient light in the front room or a lively and reactive experience where the TV is, Hue smart bulbs have something for you. Control over your devices is a satisfying experience, and Hue smart bulbs grant you complete control over every light fixture in your home or office.

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