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Not every woman wants a chunky or sporty activity tracker on their wrist – a thick strap and bulky screen can clash with a power suit or nice dress. The Kate Spade tracker is dainty and feminine, fashionable and utilitarian. It comes in a small variety of designs and colors, and it makes a great holiday gift for the special woman in your life. Find the Activity Tracker at Macy’s and get 2% cash back when you shop with Purch Perks.

This tracker is lightweight and hardly noticeable on the wrist; however, on average, the step tracker counted about 1,500 steps less than our actual step count. Also, the sleep tracker was off by about 30 minutes. Seeing how tracking steps and sleep isn’t an exact science just yet, it is not a huge negative.

The Kate Spade New York Connected app was easy to set up and use. You can track steps, sleep and water intake, as well as make special event countdowns. There’s no display on the tracker, but you can check how close you are to meeting your step goal by tapping the face. When you tap the face twice, a light blinks: One blink means you’ve completed less than 25 percent of your step goal, two blinks mean you’re 26 to 50 percent of the way there, and so on in quarter increments up to five blinks for 100 percent.

In the app, you can set what happens when you tap the screen three times. Tapping three times can either add a glass of water to the water tracker, take a photo from your phone or make your phone ring in the event you misplace it. You can also set it to pause or play music on your phone or skip to the next or previous track. The downside is you can’t set it to do all those things; you have to choose just one.

Not having a display screen is a little inconvenient. It would be nice to see the special event countdown without opening the app or to know how many steps you’ve taken rather than just a range. If you’re used to wearing a watch, it may take a while to break the habit of looking at your wrist to check the time. Basically, this tracker depends 100 percent on the phone app.

The Kate Spade Activity Tracker doesn’t look like your average fitness tracker – it’s stylish and has a lot of unique features. For example, other activity trackers can’t help you find your phone or serve as a camera remote. It’s like having a personal assistant at hand, albeit a limited personal assistant. It makes a great gift for the busy, active woman in your life; just keep in mind that it’s a little less accurate than other fitness trackers and completely dependent on its app to relay information.