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Though eBook readers are no longer trendy, they continue to evolve, and Amazon this year introduced its best eReader to date: the Kindle Voyage. Unequaled in thinness and screen resolution, this newest Kindle is an excellent gift for serious bookworms who are now reading eBooks on a tablet or phone a reason to step up to a reader. Though relatively pricey at $200 and up, the Voyage is even worth considering if you or your gift recipient already owns an older Kindle.

The Voyage’s black-and-white e-ink screen is key to its allure. For one, its resolution is the highest of any reader. Combined with a micro-etched surface that reduces glare, the screen yields type that is even sharper and easier to read than that of the previous-generation Kindle Paperwhite.

As with other touchscreen eReaders, you can turn pages on the Voyage by tapping or swiping the screen. But this Kindle adds another mode, a PagePress feature that allows you to very lightly touch the left and right frames of the screen and turn the page with affirming haptic feedback.

And like the screen of the Paperwhite, $119, the Voyage’s display reflects light downward and so induces less eyestrain than the backlit LCD screens of tablets, phones and laptops. The Voyage adds a new lighting twist, that of automatically adjusting to ambient light – reducing brightness when the room’s well-lit and increasing it when the room’s dark. It also adapts over time by starting out brighter when you first begin reading in a dark room then turning down the brightness as your eyes begin to adapt.

Weight and profile matter a lot in an eReader, with even small differences becoming noticeable after hours of reading. The Voyage is not only thinner than its predecessors, at 7.6 mm, but it’s lighter too – a full ounce less than the Paperwhite, for example.

Wi-Fi connectivity is standard with the Voyage, and should be fine for most people’s needs. If you really need to download new books anytime and anywhere, however, you can pay $70 extra and get lifetime access to 3G service for your Voyage throughout the continental U.S.

A key advantage to an eReader over a tablet is battery life. Like other Kindles, and virtually all other readers, the Voyage’s run time on charge is so long – 42 days, to be specific – that you can probably leave the charger behind when you take a trip.