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kSafe Review

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Self-control usually skips town for the holidays then returns in time for New Year's resolutions. Maybe this year you can help your friends and family keep their New Year's resolutions with a creative Christmas gift that's designed to help people exercise greater control over their decisions.

The kSafe, formerly the Kitchen Safe, looks like a fairly normal kitchen storage container, but it's not. The lid contains a round knob, a small digital screen and a locking mechanism. Here's how it works: If you're trying to limit your intake of something – chocolate chip cookies, for example – you place the goodies inside the container, put on the lid and set the timer for any amount of time between one minute and 10 days. Once you set the timer and the lid locks slide into place, the safe won't unlock till the timer runs out. There's absolutely no way, short of cracking the container open, to override the timer.

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The kSafe isn't just useful for controlling your intake of sweets. If you want to limit your kid's time in front of the Xbox or TV, you can lock the game controllers or TV remote in the kSafe until homework time is over. Be careful, though, because there’s a real issue of controlling the urge to play jokes on your friends and family members with it. It's amazing how frustrated people get when their cell phones are locked up for an hour in plain view!

If some clever kids think they can trick the kSafe by removing the batteries, the joke is on them because that just pauses the countdown until the batteries are replaced. The container certainly isn't indestructible, but it would take some serious force to break it open. This is a simple product, but it's certainly smartly designed.

This affordable gift comes in two sizes and a few different color options. The regular kSafe fits items the size of a 5.5-inch cube. If this is too small, you can opt for the kSafe XL; it's the same length and width as the smaller model, but it's 5 inches taller. Although the XL actually has 80 percent more volume, it costs only a few dollars more than the smaller version. The bases come in white and clear, and the lids come in solid red, green, blue, white and pink.

For the right recipient, this gift can be a life-changer that encourages positive changes. Sometimes your willpower needs a little help, and the kSafe can give provide that.

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