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Lutron is one of the premier smart home lighting companies. Its products include traditional dimmer switches as well as smartphone-controllable dimmers. Among its various smart home products is the Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Kit, which lets you control your table and floor lamps through your mobile device. This starter kit is one of the best Christmas gifts for women.

Depending on where you put the dimmer modules, you can control the lighting to set the mood for a good book, a quiet dinner or movie night, or even just to help you get ready for bed. You can also set a lighting schedule to give your home a lived-in look for added security. You can also connect the modules to indoor Christmas lights during the holidays.

One of the biggest appeals of this kit is that you can convert your bedside or living room lamps without buying new lightbulbs or doing any electrical work. However, it's best to check if your bulbs are compatible with dimmers before installation. Take care to only connect the dimmer modules to lights, since appliances such as fans aren't compatible and pose a fire hazard.

This starter kit comes with two plug-in dimmer modules, two Pico remotes and two remote stands. Each dimmer module in the kit controls two lamps. You also get a Lutron Smart Bridge, which connects the dimmer switches to the internet so you can control them with the Caseta Wireless smartphone app on Android or iOS devices.

For voice control, you can connect the Caseta Wireless to Amazon's Alexa service, which lets you turn the lights off without using a remote or reaching for your phone. The starter kit is also Apple HomeKit certified, so you can control the lights directly with the Apple Home app and Siri. You can even connect the system to DIY home automation systems such as Wink. However, if you connect the Caseta Wireless to any other service, the lights might react a couple seconds slower than a remote control, which offers instantaneous controls.

Installation is fairly easy: You simply plug in the dimmer modules and connect them to your lamps. Then you follow the directions in the mobile app to connect the Smart Bridge to your wireless router and pair the included Pico remotes with the dimmer modules. The remotes can control multiple dimmers if you prefer. The whole installation process takes around 15 minutes from start to finish. If you have experience with electrical wiring, you can also purchase Caseta Wireless dimmer switches to replace your current light switches.