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Minecraft Lightup Torch Review

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If your holiday gift list includes someone who loves the popular video game Minecraft, then the Minecraft Wall Torch by ThinkGeek is a great gift idea. This novelty flashlight will spark their imagination and give off light to keep any creepers or zombies from spawning in their dark room. Shop ThinkGeek for great gifts like this and earn 4% cash back when you enroll in Purch Perks.

This officially licensed light is powered by three AAA batteries and gives off a gentle glow that is about as bright as a bedroom nightlight. Its squared construction stays true to the crafting design of Minecraft. It is nearly a foot long and light enough for younger children to hold. It's compatible with rechargeable batteries, which we recommend to save you money, as your young one will most likely fall asleep with the torch glowing.

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The body of the Minecraft Wall Torch is made of a strong plastic, making it possible for kids to play with the torch as they imagine themselves mining, exploring and crafting in the cube world of Minecraft before falling asleep safe in their beds to the glow of the wall torch, just like Steve and Alex in the game. The plastic the wall torch is made of is durable, but it should still be treated with care like a real flashlight.

The flat bottom of this specialty flashlight makes it easy to stand the torch up on a nightstand, table, desk or floor. There is even a hidden wall-hanging function in case you want to mount the wall torch at an angle just like in the game. A corner of the flashlight folds down to reveal two keyhole mounts that slide over screws or nails you put in the wall. The mounting hardware is not included. When it’s morning, you can easily remove the torch from its position on the wall, and the corner flips up into place, ready for another day of adventure and imagination.

While it doesn’t give off as much light as a traditional flashlight, the Minecraft Wall Torch is a fun and creative way to introduce a little bit of Minecraft into the real world while providing a soft, friendly glow perfect for nighttime. Fans of the game will enjoy the accurate design, regardless of if they are kids or fun-loving adults, and it is sure to make playtime more fun for your Minecraft-obsessed loved one.

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