Monkey Light wheel LEDs are a fun way to add extra enjoyment to an evening bicycle ride, so they are a great gift idea for the bike enthusiast or cycling commuter in your life. The Monkey Light M204 allows you to customize a series of patterns and colors projected from your bike wheel with the push of a button, although you can only change the colors and themes while you are stopped.

There are eight colors to choose from as well as five themes, or patterns, that you can mix and match to suit your mood. Additionally, there is a random mode that cycles through the various colors and patterns for when you just want some color while you ride. Powered by three AA batteries, the LEDs can shine for up to 60 hours, depending on the level of use and the themes. Monkey Light also has some other advanced bike lights you can try out that have more color and design options.

The waterproof, clear rubber-coated projection device houses four bright LEDs that shine at 40 lumens, casting a bright light in a 360-degree arc, radiating colorful light onto the road or bike path as well. Monkey Light bike wheel lights do not replace a safety headlight or taillight, but the additional light they shine can help make you visible and safe. To get the full ring of light and the patterns to show completely, the rider needs to be going at a pretty good speed to get full tire rotation, but the light trails at lower speed are fun to have as well.

Installing this bike wheel light can take some patience, but it is not overly difficult. The M204 light can fit on wheels 16 inches and larger, and even on 700c diameter wheels perfectly. The projection unit holds on to your spokes with two zip ties, and the ABS plastic battery holder is attached to the wheel hub with zip ties as well. This allows you to align the units to each other and position them how you want, but we recommend having an extra set of hands if possible to make installation even easier. Once the lights are in place, all you have to do is install the batteries and select your settings, and off you go!

This bike wheel light is a great holiday gift idea for your biking enthusiast or adventurous explorer. It's not hard to install, and the bright colors and fun patterns are an excellent way to add safety and entertainment to a nighttime ride.

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