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NES Nintendo Classic Review

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Nostalgia is fun for people of any age, and so are Nintendo games. Originally released in 1985, the original NES console was a childhood staple of many young (and not so young) adults. This Nintendo NES Classic Edition is a fun way for millennials and their children alike to enjoy 30 of the most popular original NES games. This this console is an excellent gift for gamers.

This miniaturized console and accompanying controller both preserve the classic design and shape of its predecessor, but it has a few modernized features. The most notable upgrade is that you no longer have to switch between cartridge games – this has 30 games built-in and ready for you to enjoy, including: Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Metroid, Castlevania, Excitebike, Ninja Gaiden and more.

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The new Suspend Points feature gives you four slots for each game, which act as a kind of save point. You can even lock a save file to prevent losing your progress in a game, and resume playing at any time. The controller can also be used with your Wii or Wii U, or with NES Virtual Console games.

This mini console comes with one controller. It can accommodate two players, but you’ll have to buy that second controller separately. It also has an AC adapter and an HDMI cable. The console maintains its retro feel by not having any internet connectivity, apps or other staples of modern consoles, letting you focus on gaming.

It gives you multiple display mode options for an enhanced experience. There’s Pixel Perfect, wherein each pixel is fully square so you can experience 8-bit games as they were intended; the 4:3 ratio option gives you the original look, but it is slightly stretched horizontally; or you can opt for the CRT filter, which makes your TV screen look older with scan lines for a more retro feel. What’s more, the console only runs about $60, which is – in most cases – less than what its original version costs today.


The NES Nintendo Classic proves that great things come in small packages. It’s fun, retro design, 30 built-in games and two controller slots mean fun for your friends and family, and its low cost will help you pack a powerful punch this holiday season, whether you’re playing Pac-Man or Punch-Out!

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