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Nest Protect Review

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The Nest Protect is an innovative way to look at home safety. This smoke and carbon monoxide detector is the newest product of Nest Labs. This company made a name for itself in 2011 when it introduced the Nest Thermostat, a new type of smart thermostat for your home. The Nest Protect builds on the thermostat's concept of attractive, modern and intelligent home automation, and it is one of the best Christmas gifts for the technologically inclined.

The first thing you'll notice about the Nest Protect is the front grille, which looks like a flower, or perhaps even a speaker. The attractive packaging of this smoke detector is one of many reasons why you might want one in your home. The aesthetics go against every idea that you may have about smoke detectors, which often value function over form.

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The Nest Protect is more than just a pretty face. It's an extremely personal device with only your safety and comfort in mind. This smart smoke detector uses a combination of photoelectric and heat sensors for smart operation that will protect you against the smoldering and flaming stages of a fire.

A built-in humidity sensor helps prevent false alarms that may happen in situations where steam from the bathroom or kitchen sets off a typical smoke detector. The Nest Protect also features a carbon monoxide sensor that will warn you if you are in danger from the highly toxic, invisible gas, making your home even safer.

The intelligence of the Nest Protect is its greatest strength. If it detects smoke or carbon monoxide, it will give you a spoken Heads-Up before it sounds the alarm. This allows you to know immediately what's wrong and in which room the problem has occurred. This gives you time to respond accordingly. If you burned popcorn in the microwave, the Heads-Up gives you time to silence the alarm before it goes off. To do this, stand under the Nest Protect and wave your hand.

The Nest Protect connects to your Wi-Fi network, your smartphone and your Nest Thermostat, if you have one. You can use this feature to customize each unit and check the status of your home from anywhere. The unit comes with a bright LED light that glows blue during setup and testing, yellow in a hazardous situation and red during an emergency. At night, the light briefly glows green so you know the battery is fine and won't wake you up at midnight. Even though the light is off during the night, it will detect you if you get out of bed and light your path for you with a soft white glow.

The Nest Protect comes in a wired 120V or battery-powered version, depending on your needs. The unit comes in two stylish colors – black or white. Nest Labs provides outstanding technical support, and its attractive website contains valuable information and tutorials.

The Nest Protect is an excellent Christmas gift for a homeowner. It offers a wide range of safety and convenience features that are sure to get them excited about smoke detectors for the first time. There is, however, only one downside to this product: it's more expensive than your average smoke detector, but it's worth every penny and it will be used year-round.

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