If you've got the cash and they’ve got the kid, you might as well help them stroll in style with the sleek and multi-faceted Origami stroller that can fold and unfold with the push of a button. Clearly, the individuals at the stroller company, the 4moms Store, have been around children and have thought of just about everything. There are some great safety features, but this also has so much flair, it would make Victoria Beckham proud.

When it comes to holiday gifts for parents, this is not only an attractive stroller – it offers enough useful features so the fitness fan, the techno-wizard and the multi-tasker all will love it.

This stroller is equipped with small generators in its rear wheels that charge the various gizmos on the device. You also can tap that power to charge your cell phone while you're at it. The Origami boasts an LCD dashboard that displays a thermometer, speedometer and both a trip odometer and a lifetime odometer. If Mom or Dad wants to get some aerobic activity in while taking the baby out for some fresh air, this is one way to document some fitness goals.

For safety’s sake, you get daytime running lights and, underneath the stroller, another set of pathway lights that come on automatically if the lighting conditions outside are dim. There also are no pinch points, which protects fingers both large and small. There also is a child safety sensor built into the device, reflective piping and a simple brake that requires a single push to operate. You also do not need to take anything apart before storing this in a car, foyer or closet, which is another blessed relief for parents who are tired of wrestling with uncooperative infant equipment.

If your little one wants to nap, the seat can recline and the four-wheel suspension and luggage-style wheels ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. This stroller also comes with four cup holders, pockets for such things as treats and juice boxes, and a large detachable storage bag.

This high-tech and high-end baby buggy can accommodate an infant who weighs up to 27 pounds and a toddler who weighs up to 32 pounds. When open, it is 41 inches long, 28 inches wide and 39 inches high. When you close it, the device compresses itself to 38 inches long, 14 inches wide and 21 inches high, so storage should not be a problem even for someone with limited closet space.

The Origami stroller is one snazzy baby carriage and it looks terrific just as is and, of course, will look even better when you safely nestle your youngster in the comfy seat liner. If you want to customize it, you can remove the traditional white liner that comes with the stroller and personalize things a bit by getting the stroller's "color kit" liner set. This provides five different liners in five custom colors: hot pink, bright blue, lime green, blaze orange or basic black.

Other accessories to customize your Origami stroller include a handle bar bag that comes with a cell phone charger. You also can purchase a replacement power cord.

This is one stroller that’s enjoyable to take out of the car. Whoever gets this gift will sing your praises for years to come – every time they get in and out of the car without having to unfold a clunky stroller. And the ability to open and close itself isn’t the only thing they’ll love. The daytime running lights, customizable color scheme, LCD touchscreen and myriad other features will keep kids safe and parents happy.

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