PetChatz HD makes the perfect Christmas gift for the animal lover on your gift list. This on-demand camera not only allows you to check in on your furry friend while you are at work, but it diffuses calming scents to ease your pet's anxiety and awards your pet with treats.

This HD camera connects with a wireless router, so you can place it next to any outlet in your house, preferably in a central location or close to where your pet likes to hang out. While there is a silent mode you can use that alerts you when your pet moves or makes a noise within eight feet or 54 degrees from the unit, the camera is intended for on-demand calls to and even from your pet. You can purchase additional accessories, including a stand and protective guard for the unit and PawCall, so your pet can call you.

With the user guide, we were able to set up the unit with ease. We had minimal problems securing it to the wall and connecting it to Wi-Fi. We found there was some lag when we called. PetChatz recommends a minimum of 2Mbps bandwidth for uploading and 4Mbps for downloading. When calling from a computer, you must use Google Chrome for PetChatz to work.

The company suggests calling your pet daily for at least three weeks to allow enough time to adapt and learn everything PetChatz has to offer. In that time, your pet will learn to run over when the device plays a ringtone to alert them you are calling.

If you have a furry critter that suffers anxiety when you are gone, you can use your device to signal to the unit to spray PetChatz Scentz. You can reinforce your pet's good behavior by dispensing a treat at any point during the streaming session. PetChatz comes with treats that you can purchase from its website whenever you run out.

You can call your pet from anywhere using a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer with a wireless connection. PetChatz has easy-to-use apps for both iPhone and Android devices. The device utilizes several security procedures, including login credentials to restrict who can access your pet's webcam. PetChatz HD connects to the cloud and offers unlimited data streaming. You can record and store up to three videos at a time. You can even share these videos with other PetChatz customers on their website or social media pages.

If you need to contact PetChatz for either technical or customer support, the website has a live chat link as well as a toll-free phone number and email. The support page also lists frequently asked questions and other helpful resources. The company has an active social media presence you can join to share the cute videos and pictures you capture of your pet. For the avid pet lover, PetChatz HD is a must have this holiday season.

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