Frequent flyers may be used to the TSA checkpoints, but being a frequent or even just a casual traveler doesn't speed up the security process. You still have to take off your shoes, your belt, your hat, your jacket or coat, and so on. If you're traveling with a laptop, that process immediately gets longer and even more irritating when you have to unload your laptop and place it in a separate security bin. The ScanFast Element Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase that's specifically designed for women will make TSA checkpoints incredibly quick and much more convenient.

The ScanFast Element Briefcase has everything a fashionable travel warrior would want in a travel briefcase, which is why it’s the best Christmas gift for the frequent traveler. This briefcase includes a padded laptop section that is TSA compliant and allows the scanner to show a clear and unobstructed image when passing through security. Unzip the briefcase, lay it flat on the conveyer belt and it will be waiting on the other side so you can get to your gate.

The ScanFast Briefcase also has plenty of organization with sections, pouches and exterior pockets for documents, personal items and other electronics they may take with them. They can even rest assured that their Bluetooth phone won't be susceptible to viruses, spam or hackers when safely placed in the Wireless Security Shield.

The ScanFast Element Briefcase is constructed of faux-leather and is accented with either brown or pink suede. For your fashionable traveler friend with a colorful personality, the pink color would fit them perfectly, whereas the brown color will fit right into the all-business life of your professional traveler friend or family member.

The ScanFast Element Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase may be the best Christmas gift for that fashionable travel warrior; it will have them zipping through airport security in a moment without any inconvenience, making their frequent trips stress-free. With a specific place for a laptop, it will remain secure and safe in the padded pouch and won't have to be removed to go through security. Other travelers will be jealous of how quickly they get through security, and you’ll be the thoughtful person who gave them such a practical time-saving present.

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