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Any good spy knows that video evidence is key to solving a case. The SpyNet Video Watch 2.0 is one of the best Christmas gifts you can get the young spy in your life because it lets them shoot video, take pictures, play video games, go on missions and even tell time. This spy gadget offers surprisingly good video quality and it even features night vision. The battery life is short, though, and the audio quality is mediocre.

This SpyNet watch can store up to 20 minutes of video, three hours of audio or 2,000 still pictures. This should give your child more than enough time to catch any criminals red-handed. The video quality is similar to video taken by your cell phone, which is surprising for a children's toy. Even night vision mode exceeded our expectations in regard to video quality. The audio, however, is only average. The audio is quiet during playback and there is usually static in the background.

The SpyNet Video Watch 2.0 also has a number of built-in games, such as Codehacker, Evasion, Hacker and Shooter. These games are all fairly simple in design, and they are a fun way to pass the time in between assignments. Because this high-tech spy tool can connect to a computer via USB, you can download the SpyNet Field Office app to get a variety of missions that will require the use of the SpyNet watch. As you complete missions and conquer games, you will get awards that you can find in the Honor Cabinet section.

The Flashlight app on the SpyNet video watch is nothing more than a bright screen. It's similar to turning on your phone's home screen to see in the dark. The Lie Detector app, Bug Detector app and Spy Detector app aren't scientifically accurate, but they are fun to use. However, constant use of this product drains the battery very quickly. The SpyNet Video Watch 2.0 comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer battery and 4 AAA batteries, but it only lasts a couple of hours after a full charge.

The camera and microphone are located just above the face of the watch. While filming, you can see the video on the 1.4-inch TFT screen as it records on the screen, or switch to Spy Mode and secretly record someone with only the home screen displaying on the screen. You can also adjust the film settings to low quality (8 frames per second), medium quality (12 frames per second) or high quality (15 frames per second). Adjustable quality is important if you are worried about taking up too much space on the watch's hard drive. You can also adjust playback of the video by using one of the three filters: normal, security camera and night vision.

Overall, the SpyNet Video Watch 2.0 is a fun toy for any kid who is interested in espionage. The video and audio quality is almost as good as the average camera on a smartphone. There are also a bunch of games and downloadable missions that will keep a young spy busy. And just in case any mission is compromised, the SpyNet watch has a Memory Restore option that will delete all of the potentially sensitive data and restore the watch to its factory settings.