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It’s practically an American tradition: Every New Year’s Day, millions of people vow to lose weight in the coming months. For decades, this has been the top resolution. So why not make it easier for someone special by giving an inexpensive Christmas gift that helps further the admirable goals of eating healthier and getting fitter?

The Taylor Precision Products Digital Scale With Measuring Cup is a low-cost, effective and accurate way to gauge food items by volume or weight. This sturdy plastic cup can measure food ingredients in the traditional way, with you simply looking the measurement markers on each side. However, this battery-powered smart cup can also weigh items and give you important information on an easily visible LCD screen on the handle. The lithium battery is included and already installed when you open the box.

You can use this device to measure nearly anything. It also offers automatic conversions from weight (to measure ounces) to cups (to measure volume) for five preset ingredients, which are milk, water, oil, sugar and flour.

Even if you don’t care about slimming down, but simply love to cook or bake, this is a handy tool that offers English and metric measurements – which is a real boon for anyone who enjoys using international cookbooks. The accompanying instruction booklet also includes a measurement conversion chart.

Since this is a scale and not simply a measuring cup, and it does contain a lithium battery, it does need a little TLC. You cannot store it near chemicals, lay it on its side, submerge it in water, or put it in the dishwasher, refrigerator or microwave. You need to hand-wash it with soap and water, and the manufacturer recommends letting it air dry. The device is 8.5 x 5.5 inches, which lets you measure a hearty amount of ingredients but still makes it a reasonable size for most kitchen cupboards.

That said, there is plenty you can do with this versatile but affordable kitchen tool. When we tested it, the measurements for flour and oil were completely accurate and were shown to be identical to those of other measuring cups. You can be assured the results of your culinary efforts will turn out well, since the Taylor Precision Products Digital Scale With Measuring Cup is so accurate, useful and easy to read.