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TiVo BOLT Review

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Entertainment bingers, the perfect gift has arrived. The TiVo Bolt is the modernized DVR for serious entertainment junkies. The TiVo Bolt not only looks more modern than other DVRs – it also boasts numerous TV recording features so you and your loved ones never miss your favorite shows again. This DVR is one of the best Christmas gifts of this holiday season.

The TiVo Bolt is one of the few DVRs on the market today that consolidates multiple streaming and content platforms into one search. Let's say one season of a show is on Hulu, another season is on Netflix and the current season is on cable. The OneSearch function on the TV Bolt hunts through all of these platforms in a single search. No longer do you need to need to open and close different streaming apps to find the episode you're looking for. OneSearch makes finding your favorite shows across multiple platforms easy.

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The days of sacrificing one show for another are over. Even if four of your favorite shows are playing at the same time, you can record all of them simultaneously to watch later. The TiVo Bolt is equipped with four tuners to record the ball game, comedy, TV drama and the weather report all at once (although a late weather report isn't very helpful anyway).

The TiVo Bolt looks ahead with the ability to record 4K ultra high definition shows. You didn't buy that 4K TV to record and watch your shows at a lower resolution. Now that a handful of Netflix shows and live sports are being streamed in 4K, you can record and enjoy them later at the high resolution they were intended to be watched in.

The Bolt comes with 1TB of total storage. A two-hour HD film takes roughly 1.5GB of space. This means you can record and store roughly 65 HD movies or 1,330 one-hour HD TV shows. That is more than enough content to keep you entertained throughout the cold winter months.

Skipping commercials is as easy as pressing a single button on the remote. If you're looking for a specific story during a lengthy newscast, QuickMode speeds up the content by 30 percent and retains audio quality so you can still catch what's going on even while you're fast forwarding.

The TiVo Bolt even has a remote finder. No more tearing apart the living room to look for the lost remote. Pressing the remote finder on the back of the DVR will prompt the remote to send out an audible signal to help you locate the device.

It's time to get warm and cozy on your couch and forget about the dark and dreary winter months as you binge watch your favorite TV shows with the TiVo Bolt. It's the ideal gift for your friends and family members who love TV but hate sitting through commercials.

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