Ubooly pairs with your iPhone or iPod Touch to become an interactive stuffed animal. This gift will be an exciting educational toy for your child to unwrap on Christmas morning. You just place your iOS device inside the stuffed animal and the Ubooly app does the rest. A truly interactive toy that stimulates your child's creativity while teaching, Ubooly leads your child on imaginary adventures, tells jokes, or even just spouts out fun facts, which is why it's one of the best Christmas gifts for this season.

Using the free app on the iPhone or iPod Touch, Ubooly can understand voice commands like "tell me a story" or "take me on an adventure." This toy tells choose-your-own-adventure stories and can also play music from your library. Ubooly will even teach your child historical or scientific facts. Like “did you know a sneeze travels over 100 miles an hour? Better not sneeze in a school zone.”

The app is downloaded from the Apple store and works hand in hand with Ubooly. The app itself has a couple mini games, and there’s a store where you can purchase in-game additions like a poster for Ubooly's room. Purchases are made with coins won in the mini game. Additionally, you can buy coin packs using your own money.

While the cuddly critter seems best suited for preschoolers on the surface, some of the humor and rhetoric might be better suited for slightly older children. We played a couple of the games, and some of the games are even difficult for adults. Younger kids will most likely have problems with a few of the games, but that doesn’t mean they won't have fun playing them.

Ubooly's iPhone or iPod Touch app uses the mic and speaker technology to interact with the kids. The mic technology is fun when it works; however, we found that the mic is temperamental. We often had to repeating ourselves to Ubooly for it to work. If you had a shy or quiet 4-year-old, this could be problematic. The app can be downloaded on any iPhone from the 3GS to the 5, but because of the iPhone 5's longer design, it doesn't quite fit into the Ubooly. Additionally, there is no app for Android devices. You may have to lend your child your iPod Touch or, worse, even your iPhone for Ubooly to function. If you have one lying around, that would be perfect for this interactive toy; if not, be prepared to practice the art of sharing is caring. We wouldn't worry about this Christmas gift getting too repetitive because the app is regularly updated through the wireless or cellular connection, which means it is less work for you. As long as your device is hooked up to a wireless network, it will update automatically.

As long as Ubooly can understand you, it is a fun toy to interact with and listen to. Ubooly's stories are a little off-the-wall, but the stories also stimulate your child's imagination. Your child will enjoy holding, talking to and even throwing Ubooly in the air. (Ubooly likes to be thrown up in the air.) Don't worry about your iPhone or iPod Touch, the Ubooly is made of memory foam to help keep your device from shattering.

Ubooly is a fun educational toy recommended for kids ages 4 through 9. While we think the Ubooly is more appropriate for 6 to 9-year-olds, the kids a little younger will still enjoy the cuteness of this toy. The wireless update is effortless, and this toy offers a great way for your children to have fun while learning and using their imaginations. They will have hours of fun Christmas morning and for long afterward with a personality-laden buddy who will become like another child in a lot of respects. Although getting Ubooly to sleep is much easier.