Whether you are looking for a fun gag gift, a unique techy gift or even a sophisticated yet personalized present, gadget gift websites should be your first stop. These websites provide a variety of unique and rarely seen items such as unusual pillows and rugs, exciting electronic items and even spy and security tools. Each gadget gift store specializes in different types of products as some may provide geekier items that revolve around movies or TV shows such as "Doctor Who" or "Star Wars." Others may focus on computers and gadgets that make life easier. Read more about gadget gift stores and how they can help you find that perfect gift.

Shopping online for these products is simple if you go to the right place. Instead of spending hours rummaging through different stores trying to find a present that fits your friend's interests, you can simply shop by personality to find a gift your friend will love. Shopping online allows you to sort by category, product type, age range and even occasion. You can also read more about the company you're buying from and see customer reviews. Detailed information about each product is listed and extra features like gift finders will point you in the right direction when you have no idea what to get. Here you can find information to articles related to Gadget Gift Stores.

Best Product Selection and Categories

Regardless of the other features on a gadget gift site, the range of product categories is crucial for finding what you're looking for. A larger selection gives you more to choose from and makes shopping more interesting. Additionally, you should find a gift store that offers products that meet your recipient's interests. For example, if you are buying a gift for a close friend, you know what type of gag gift, such as those at Uncommon Goods or Firebox, will go over well. Whereas, if you are buying a gift for your boss or even your mother-in-law, you may want to shop online at a website that offers more sophisticated and personalized gifts, such as those at Personal Creations.

The best gadget gift sites should include categories for electronics and clothing as well as gadgets for the home, office and special occasions. Other categories to consider include children and tween items along with items specifically designed for men and women. Some of the best stores also provide categories that include food and holiday items. Some stores even provide more specific categories such as spy gear and security cameras.

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods offers shoppers the largest selection of products and categories when compared to other websites offering gifts and gadgets. Its products span most age groups and personality types, and the site's simple navigation makes it easy for customers to find what they're looking for.

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Best Search Options

Online stores can simplify the shopping process and cut down on the time required to find and purchase an item. Gadget gifts sites that are easy to use have clean layouts you can understand at a glance and ensure the most important features are obvious. You want to use a gadget gift website that makes finding products fast and simple. Several search options are key to making time spent on the website more enjoyable. Look for search options such as filtering by categories or a search bar that searches by keywords or specific products. Some companies also allow you to search by new products on the website or items that are exclusive to the company. You may even find that you can filter by price, which is another valuable search option, particularly if you are trying to stay within a budget when buying gifts for family and friends.


ThinkGeek holds its own in the world of gadget gifts with its large selection of products in a variety of categories. This gadget website has a knack for offering the most unusual geeky gadgets and electronics. It features a well-designed website that provides both quality customer service and excellent search features, so finding that special geeked-out gift is not that difficult.

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Best Gifting Options

When it comes to choosing a gift, features such as gift finders, gift registries and wish lists might play a role in your choice. Gift finders recommend gifts based on age and personality. Gift registries are excellent options if you want to create wedding, shower or even birthday registries. This allows you to create a list of all the presents you want and then others can access the registry from the website and buy the present with just a few clicks. Wish lists are also valuable as they allow you to make a list of the items you like and save it for later. Some gadget gift stores allow you to access the wish lists of others, although many of these websites require that you sign into the individual's personal account if you want to access the wish list.

Some of the best gift stores also offer gift wrapping options. This feature typically comes at an additional cost, but if you plan to ship your gift directly to the recipient, this can be a nice touch. You may even find that if you order multiple items from a website, the company will allow you to deliver your order to multiple addresses. This can also make gift giving easier, but you may also find that these services require an additional charge for each address you send it to.


Firebox provides a limited, yet entertaining, selection of gadget gifts such as toys, kitchen supplies, electronics and apparel. This gadget gift site provides quality customer support and several shipping options for customer convenience. In addition, there is an ample amount of detail that goes into each product's personal page. A thorough description along with customer reviews, pictures and videos give potential buyers all the details they need about most items.

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What Are Gift Finding Tools?

Several of the best gadget gift stores offer gift finding tools that help you find that perfect gift for all personality types. This tool helps narrow down your options and save you time. With this tool, you can search for gifts by interest or by recipient. For example, you can choose "Gifts for Her" or "Gifts for Him." After you have narrowed down your options with more filters, some gift finding tools let you narrow down the search even more by types of gifts, occasion or even price. This tool can be beneficial as you can find the perfect item for any recipient in just a matter of minutes.

What Else to Look for in a Gadget Gift Website

Not all gadget gift sites are created equal. To ensure you get the best quality products and services, you'll want to consider the range of items the site sells, the shipping and return policy and the extra features the site provides such as customer support. Here are some of the features you should consider as you look for the best gadget gift store to meet your needs.

Payment and Return Options
Some gadget gift stores are more established and set up than others. This means that some of these companies will accept multiple payment options such as credit cards and PayPal. Other companies will be much more limited in how you can pay, such as accepting only PayPal as payment. Before you check out, make sure that one of the payment options works for you.

Additionally, you should make sure the information you enter is secure. Never enter your personal and financial information on a website that is not secure or that causes you concern. It is much better to be safe than sorry. You can know if a website is secure by looking at the URL. If the URL begins with https instead of http, it means the site is using an SSL Certificate and it is secure. Also, look at the personal information of the company. If a company lists a physical address and phone number, that is a decent sign it's a real company and not a scam. The lack of contact information may be a sign of someone trying to steal your money and you have no way of contacting him or her.

The return policy will differ from store to store. Some stores will allow you to return products within 30 or 60 days of the ship date to receive a full refund while others have much shorter time frames, such as 48 hours. You will want to read the return policy carefully if you are ever hesitant about a product. You may also have to pay to ship the product back, while others may provide a pre-paid return label if you contact support representatives prior to shipping the item. Read each website's policy carefully to make sure you don't miss any deadlines and can receive a full refund if a return is needed.

Many of the best websites will provide standard shipping rates or will provide free shipping after you reach a specified dollar amount. You don't want to pay significant fees just to get your item to your home. This means you need to be aware of where your item is being shipped. Some of these companies are based outside of the United States so if you live inside the U.S. you may be charged international shipping fees.

You may also have to wait longer for orders that include items coming from different locations or if you add a personalized touch to each item such as adding photos or including a name on the item. Many websites will give you an estimate of how long delivery will take on each item during the checkout process. However, before spending too much time on one of these gadget gift sites, spend some time looking at the company's shipping policies.

Help & Support
The final element of a good gadget gifts site is its help and support features. Customers who have problems, questions or concerns need a way to contact the company directly. The faster you can get a response, the better. Typically, a company should provide a telephone number and an email address for contacting customer support. A few gadget gifts sites even offer live chat where you can speak with a representative right away from your computer.

The site should also feature a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section where you can read all about the company's shipping rates, delivery methods and return policy. Stay away from companies that don't offer refunds or that won't tell you exactly what you are paying for.

Though not crucial to a happy shopping experience, gadget gifts sites that offer extra features about themselves are always a plus. An About Us page lets you know who runs the website and what sorts of items they sell. Sites that offer Twitter and Facebook pages or newsletters allow customers to keep up with new products and sales. Blogs are also a nice touch. Customers can stay updated on the company and find interesting news and products related to the type of gadget gifts available on the site.

If you find a site that combines many of the features above, you can have a fantastic experience finding the perfect gift for a friend, family member or even yourself. You will be able to look through dozens of products, have a fast and enjoyable time searching and make payments quickly and securely. With the right gadget gift website, you are sure to find something that meets the interests of everyone you have to buy a gift for, even the person who seems to have everything.