Pros / Their flowers are grown using environmentally safe practices.

Cons / You can’t customize your flower arrangement.

 Verdict / by Organic Bouquet shorted us one flower on our order and the website lacks customization options on bouquets, putting it toward the bottom of our lineup.

We purchased the Two Dozen Classic Red Roses bouquet but were disappointed when we realized we had in fact received only 23 roses. They arrived in a box with no vase or extra greenery, and the blooms themselves were attractive and undamaged. We did notice quite abruptly the thorns on this bouquet hadn't been dulled or cut off, so we had to be careful as we trimmed the bottom of the stems and assembled the arrangement. There wasn’t any bloodshed, but there might have been a few curse words thrown out there. After we got them in the vase, these roses only took one day to unfurl and while they were attractive, they still didn’t wow our reviewers.

Our reviewers didn't fall in love with the roses and their scores resulted in a B- grade for overall freshness and appearance. Only two of our 11 reviewers said they were worth the cost. As one person put it, they were “too plain to be this pricy.” The petals had a loose appearance, and some reviewers who looked particularly close said they could see dark spots. The flowers did last for 11 days, though, the longest any bouquet survived.

The website offers a variety of bouquets for everything from a new baby to a housewarming party. You won’t have to search for long to find something unique and beautiful. There aren't as many options as some websites like, but there are enough to find something appropriate for almost anything. You can also buy food gift baskets, fancy chocolates or a "spa delight" package that includes lotions and body wash. Having this many extras to pick from means you don’t have to shop elsewhere to personalize your gift.

We got a delivery confirmation email from when the bouquet arrived, something we really liked. Just like Flora2000, they also provide email and phone support if you’re anxious to make sure your order is on its way to its destination. While there are some positive aspects to this delivery service and the bouquet we ordered, it simply didn’t thrill our panel of reviewers as much as some of the other arrangements we got. by Organic Bouquet Visit Site

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